Radiation Biology

  1. The unit of radiation measurement used to indicate dose equivalent
  2. What is the dose equivalent of 30 rads of alpha radiation
    600 rem (20 times more)
  3. What ar ethe 3 cardinal rule sof radiation protection that applies both to patients and personnels?
    Maximum exposure time, distance and shielding.
  4. The major contributor to natural backgroudn radiation is
  5. The inoziation fo amtter occurs at the level of
    electron shells
  6. If radiographer rewceived 160 mR while standign 2 feet away, what would the approximate exposure at 4 feet from the patient?
    40 mR
  7. What type of radiation si electronacially induced?
  8. The NCRP reommnded monthly equivalent dxose limit for the embryo/fcetus
    .05 rem
  9. The cummulative occupationa ldose for a 35 year old radiographger owuld be...
    35 REMMMMM
  10. The type of x-ray maztter interasction tha will result in the total absorption fo the incident photon is teremed
    photo electric
  11. What is an exam-le of implied consent?
    Patien standing in line for an infleunza vaccine.
  12. Discussion of which of hte following must be given during informed consent?
    Families wishes
  13. Programmati c accrediation is done by what agency?
  14. How many continuing aeducation units must a redigorapher complete within a two uyear period oin order to maintain theri registered status?
  15. A person whose body temeperatuere is elevated above nromal is know nas?
  16. A sphygmonamometer is used to assess the patients....
    blood presure
  17. Is oxygen considered to be a medic ation?
    It is considered a medication
  18. What are the 3 major mode sof transmission of infection?
    Droplet, contact and airborne
  19. What radiation interaction is most responisble for the biological effects?
  20. What defines absorbed dose?
  21. The # of ionization per unit path is known as?
    Specific Ionization
  22. Abnormal cell function is a result from cellular damage caused by....
    Ionizing radiation interacting with the molecular stgructure of the body at the atomic level
  23. From which of the following sources do humans receive the largest dose of ionizing radiation?
    Medical and dental radiation procedures.
  24. What is the followig uunit used to measure exposure of ionzing radiation?
    Skin Eretyhma dose
  25. What provides a method by which to calculate the effective absorbed dose for all types of ionizing radiation?
    Dose equivalent
  26. To determine the total amoutn of radiation exposure in a specific voluime of air, what effect should you measure?
    you should measure the number of ionizations
  27. If the absorbed dose is stated in rad, gray can be measured by...
    dividing rad by 100
  28. The greatest amiount of biological damage in tissue is produced by what kind of LET radiation?
    High LET and high specific ionization
  29. Low LET radiation is elecgtronamegnetic radiation such as X and gamma True or false?
  30. The dose of ionizing radiation to which a eprson in a radiation related occupation can be exposed oevr a given period of time without attaining appreciable bodil injury as a result of the exposure can be defined as
    Maximum absorbed dose.
  31. Which interaction results with the removal of k shell electron as the m,ean sof treansfer of energy?
    Photoelectric interaction
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