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  1. Additional Requirements for Alsace Grand Cru Wines
    • Intent to produce Grand Cru wine must be declared before March 1 of the harvest year
    • Must be vintage-dated
    • Chaptalization and Acidification are not allowed from 2011 vintage forward
  2. Élevage of Alsace Grand Cru Wines
    Wines may not be released until June 1 of the year following the harvest (an additional year is required for VT and SGN wines)
  3. Training System for Alsace Grand Cru
    Single or Double Guyot
  4. Minimum Planting Density for Alsace Grand Cru
    • Alsace Grand Cru: 4,500 vines per hectare (2 meters or less between rows)
    • Altenberg de Bergheim: 5,500 vines per hectare
  5. Maximum Yield (Rendement de Base) for Alsace Grand Cru
    55 hl/ha
  6. Encépagement of Cremant D'Alsace
    • Blanc: Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, and/or Chardonnay
    • Rosé: 100% Pinot Noir
  7. Minimum Potential Alcohol of Cremant D'Alsace
  8. Minimum Must Weight of Cremant D'Alsace
    144 g/l
  9. Additional Requirements for Cremant D'Alsace
    • Traditional Method Secondary Fermentation
    • The wines may not be sold before January 1 of the year following the harvest, and must spend a min. 9 months on the lees prior to dégorgement
  10. Harvest Method of Cremant D'Alsace
    Manual harvesting is mandatory.
  11. Min Planting Density for Cremant D'Alsace
    4,000 vines per hectare
  12. Maximum Yield (Rendement de Base) of Cremant D'Alsace
    80 hl/ha
  13. Maximum Press Yield for Cremant D'Alsace
    100 liters/150 kg
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