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    Eakins, Gross Clinic

    Depicts a team of doctors led by Doctor Gross preforming an operation. The patient is alive. Uses light to highlight the surgery and endows it with symbolic meaning.
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    Paxton, The Crytal Palace

    245 designs had been received and rejected. Paxton's was less expensive, could be completed within a nine month period, individual components were prefabricated. Extensive use of glass dubbed it the crystal palace. Used as an exhibition site that could be temporary. It was said to be fireproof but it burned down in a fire in 1936.
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    Tanner, Annunciation

    Shows Mary having just awakened tilting her head at the light signifying a divine presence. Realistic details with her dress, the stone floor, and the rug.
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    Bonheur, horse Fair

    Shows her close study of the anatomy and movement of the horses galloping, rearing, and parading. The turbulent sky echoes the dramatic dynamism of the struggle between humanity and the untamed forces of nature.
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    Millais, John Ruskin

    One of the most glaring examples of the nineteenth century conflict between social propriety and hidden emotional turmoil. Millais fell in love with Ruskin's wife. They divorced and she ran away with Millais and had six kids. Ruskin had a vision of nature and the detail in the leaves and rock show his passion for geology and botany.
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