serious times

  1. According to Mark Cahill, what will matter 300 million years from now?
    the only thing that will matter is who is in heaven and who is in hell
  2. What are the 3 main reasons we don't witness?
    • faith- there is a lack of faith or weakness in one's own faith and beliefs
    • fear- they are afraid of what others will think of them
    • foolishness- they are too lazy, self-centered, or busy to think of the spiritual struggle of others
  3. What are the 3 reactions toward Christianity when you witness?
    • denial- the most intellectually challenging, but also the most applicable to apologetics
    • dislike- less an apologetic issue, but one that has to address the wounds suffered at the hands of Christians or the church
    • disinterest- may be a ruse to get you to leave them alone; most people care about what happens after they die
  4. List 4 significant features & people of the so called "Dark Ages."
    • birth of the university
    • the writings of Augustine & Aquinas
    • monastic movement
    • engineering marvels of the great cathedrals
  5. Who is the subject & object of art in the Medieval Period?
    • subject- crucifixion of Christ
    • object- humans
  6. The Renaissance was a rebirth, moving from a fascination with:
    • the world-to-come
    • to the world-at-hand
  7. Explain in 1 sentence, "Such a return to Athens, independent of Jerusalem, increasingly elevated Plato's connection that 'Man is the measure of all things.'"
    Only when humanism was ripped from its Christian moorings & became secular humanism did the interplay b/t Renaissance humanism & Christianity become adversarial; it became destructive. Man, independent of God, created the standards.
  8. List 2 propositions of the Enlightenment.
    • The present age is more enlightened than the past
    • We understand nature & humanity best through the use of our natural faculties
  9. What scientific discovery led the way in the transition from "faith seeking understanding" to "faith seeking justification"?
    Copernicus in 1543 verified Galileo's assertion the earth wasn't at the center of the universe
  10. Explain the word secular, where it derives from & what it means today.
    It comes from the Latin word saeculum which means "this present age." The modern meaning is that which is "divorced from religious or spiritual sensibility."
  11. How many people believed in God in 2003?
  12. What is Privatization?
    "the process by which a chasm is created b/t the public & private spheres of life, & spiritual things are increasingly placed in the private arena"
  13. What is Pluralization?
    "the process...[which] occurs when individuals are confronted w/ a staggering number of ideologies & faith options competing for their attention"
  14. How is Christianity discredited/disqualified today?
    "On the grounds that it argues for an unchanging & universal truth"
  15. What is Moral Relativism?
    "hat is true for you is true for you, & what is true for me is true for me."
  16. What is Autonomous Individualism?
    "Each person is independent in terms of destiny & accountability. Ultimate moral authority is self-generated."
  17. What is Narcissistic Hedonism?
    It is where personal pleasure & fulfillment are at the forefront of concerns
  18. What is Reductive Naturalism?
    "Only those things that can be empirically verified in nature can be known."
  19. What did Nietzsche mean when he said, "God is dead, we have killed him"?
    That humans are responsible for the lack of influence God has in people's daily lives. We are the greatest murderers.
  20. What does postmodern mean?
    The time after the modern era.
  21. What was the trinity of the enlightenment?
    reason, nature, & progress
  22. Explain the duck/rabbit in one sentence.
    It suggests there are many interpretations of the same "facts."
  23. Explain the baseball umpires' discussion of balls & strikes in light of Nietzsche's idea that "there are no facts, only interpretation."
    • Ball & strikes
    • I call them the way they are- objective truth
    • I call them the way I see them- subjective theory of truth
    • They ain't nothing until I call them- no stable reality
  24. How is media today like a matrix?
    the media has itself become the domnant perspective (matrix), exercising the most complete "will to power" of all. (the medium is the message)
  25. Explain Jaques Derrida's Deconstruction in 1 sentence.
    Every statement must be approached w/ radical suspicion & questioned in order to construct one's reality w/o imposing any stable meaning on reality
  26. Incredulity means "doubt toward an object or idea." Metanarratives are overarching worldviews.Explain Lyotard's definition of postmodernism as "incredulity toward metanarratives."
    A skepticism towards any story that seeks to make sense of the totality of reality
  27. Explain the artwork of wheelman.
    It pictures a humanity able to create incredible wonders thru technology, but in doing so, devaluing humanity itself
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