1. what are 3 need that all living things share
    • living space
    • engery
    • materials
  2. what are 4 carteristics
    • reproduce
    • grow and devolpe
    • orgnization
    • repond to the enviorment
  3. what is the Nuclues job
    • Tells the other parts what to do
    • in both cells
    • brain
  4. what is the cell meberane job
    • protects the entire cell. It is a layer that contols what come in and out of a cell
    • in both cells
    • stop sign
  5. what is the cell wall job
    • Blocks bad things from comming in. A tough cover that supports and portects
    • in plant cell ONLY
  6. what is the cytoplasm job
    • Jelly like subsance that fills the cell to hold the oganiles in place
    • in both cells
  7. what is the lysosome job
    • Break down materials taken into cell as wellas old cell parts(get rid of watse)
    • In ONLY animal call
    • hammer
  8. what is the Mitochondria job
    • Release energy by using oxygen to brake down down food
    • in both cells
  9. what is the central vacle job
    • water and other materials are stored
    • pool
    • in OLNY a plant cell
  10. what is the chloroplast job
    • uses energy from sunlight to make suger
    • in ONLY a plant cell
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