MedTerm Sec5

  1. a-
    without, absence of
  2. brady-
  3. dia-
    around, passing through
  4. dys-
    bad, abnormal, painful, difficult
  5. end-
  6. epi-
    upon, over, above, on top
  7. hyper-
    excessive, abnormally high, above
  8. para-
    near, alongside, departure from normal
  9. peri-
  10. poly-
  11. quadri-
  12. sym-
    together, joined
  13. ankyl/o
    fused, not straight
  14. arthr/o
  15. burs/o
    purse or sac, bursa
  16. carcin/o
  17. carp/o
  18. cartil/o
    gristle, cartilage
  19. cel/o
    hernia, protrusion
  20. chir/o
  21. chondr/o
  22. condyl/o
    knuckle of a joint
  23. cost/o
  24. cran/o
    skull, cranium
  25. disk/o
    flat shape, intervertebral disk
  26. duct/p
    lead, move
  27. fasci/o
  28. femor/o
    thigh, femur
  29. fibr/o
  30. fibul/o
    clasp of buckle, fibula
  31. flex/o
  32. ili/o
    flank, hip, groin
  33. ischi/o
    haunch, hip joint, ischium
  34. kinesi/o
  35. kyph/o
  36. lamin/o
    thin, lamina
  37. lord/o
    bent forward
  38. maxill/o
    upper jaw bone
  39. menisc/o
    crescent shaped moon, meniscus
  40. myel/o
    bone marrow (also means spinal cord, medulla, myelin)
  41. my/o
  42. necr/o
  43. neur/o
    sinew or cord, fascia, nerve
  44. orth/o
    straight, normal
  45. oste/o
  46. pariet/o
  47. patell/o
    small pan, patella
  48. ped/o
  49. petr/o
  50. phalang/o
    row of soldiers, phalanx
  51. pod/o
  52. por/o
    small hole
  53. physis/o
  54. pub/o
    grown up, pubis
  55. rachi/o
    spine, vertebral column
  56. radi/o
    spoke of a wheel, radius
  57. rheumat/o
  58. sacr/o
    sacred, sacrum
  59. scoli/o
  60. skelet/o
    dried up, skeleton
  61. spondyl/o
  62. stern/o
    chest, sternum
  63. synov/o
    binding of eggs, synovial
  64. tars/o
    flat surfaace, tarsum
  65. taxi/o
    reaction to a stimulus
  66. ten/o
    to stretch out, tendon
  67. vers/o
  68. vertebr/o
    joint, vertebra
  69. -algia
  70. -asthenia
  71. -blast
    germ, bud, developing cell
  72. -cele
    hernia, swelling, protrusion
  73. -centesis
    puncture, surgical puncture to aspirate fluids
  74. -clasia
    break apart
  75. -clonus
    in motion
  76. -desis
    surgical fixation, fusion
  77. -dynia
  78. -iatry
    treatment, specialty
  79. -iatrist
    one who practices
  80. -oid
  81. -otomy
    cutting into, incision
  82. -pathy
  83. -physis
  84. -plasia
    shape, formation
  85. -plegia
    paralysis (major)
  86. -practic
    one who practices
  87. -ptosis
    falling downward, drooping
  88. -schisis
    split, fissure
  89. -syndesis
    surgical fixation, fusion
  90. -tic
    pertaing to
  91. -trophy
    nourishment, development
  92. -y
    process of
  93. bone matrix
    comprised of minerals and collagen
  94. osteocyte
    primary type of bone cell, which can produce new bone matrix by secreting mineral salts and collagen
  95. osteoblast
    bone cells that move through a bone to secrete new bone matrix
  96. osteoclasts
    bone cells that move around bone to dissolve bone matrix
  97. orthopedics
    study of disease of skeletal and muscular systems
  98. arthralgia
    pain in a joint
  99. ataxia
    inability to coordinate muscles while executing a voluntary movement
  100. atrophy
    lacking development, or wasting
  101. bradykinesia
    abnormally slow movement
  102. dyskinesia
    difficulty in movement
  103. dystrophy
    deformities arising during development
  104. hypertrophy
    excessive development
  105. myalgia
    muscle tenderness or pain
  106. rigor
    rigidity of a muscle
  107. spasm
    abnormal, sudden involuntary muscle contraction
  108. tenodynia
    pain in tendon
  109. tremor
    involuntary shaking of the limbs
  110. achondroplasia
    abnormal, slow growth of long bones resulting in unusually short, stocky limbs
  111. ankylosis
    abnormal condition of joint stiffness
  112. arthritis
    inflammation and degeneration of a joint
  113. arthrochondritis
    inflammation of cartilage within joints
  114. bunion
    abnormal enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe
  115. bursitis
    inflammation of a bursa
  116. bursolith
    calcium deposit within a bursa
  117. carpal tunnel syndrome
    repetitive stress injury in which the nerves of the wrist generate pain impulses due to inflammation of synovial sheaths
  118. carpoptosis
    drooping of the wrist
  119. chondromalacia
    deterioration or softening of cartilage
  120. cramps
    prolonged, involuntary muscular contractions
  121. cranioschisis
    congenital fissure of the skull
  122. diskitis
    inflammation of an intervertebral disk
  123. duchenne's muscular dystrophy
    congenital condition resulting in progressive muscular weakness and derioration
  124. epicondylitis
    inflammation of the cartialge of the elbow
  125. fracture
    break in bone
  126. gout
    abnormal deposition of uric acid crystals in joint, causing localized pain
  127. herniated disk
    rupture of intervertebral disk, resulting in protrusion of tissue against spinal nerves, generating pain
  128. kyphosis
    deformity of the spine characterized by the presence of a hump; also called hunchback
  129. lateral epicondylitis
    inflammation of lateral tendon of elbow; tennis elbow
  130. lordosis
    deformity of spine characterized by an anterior curve of the lumbar area
  131. marfan's syndrome
    inherited condition resulting in excessive cartilage formation at the epiphyseal plates forming long arms and legs
  132. maxillitis
    inflammation of maxilla
  133. mescitis
    inflammation of a meniscus
  134. myasthenia gravia
    weakness in the muscles
  135. myeloma
    malignant tumor of bone marrow
  136. myoclonus
    spasm or twitching of a muscle or muscle group
  137. myocele
    protrusion of a muscle through its fascia
  138. myositis
    inflammation of muscle tissue
  139. osteitis
    inflammation of bone
  140. osteitis deformans
    viral infection of bone that causes deformities resulting from acceleration of bone loss; paget's disease
  141. osteoarthritis
    form of arthritis characterized by an age-related deterioration of joints that is accompanied by erosion of cartilage and painful inflammation
  142. osteocarcinoma
    cancer of bone
  143. osteochondritis
    inflammation of bone associated with cartilage
  144. osteofibroma
    benign tumor of bone, in which the tumor contains fibrous connective tissue that surrounds bone
  145. osteogenesis imperfecta
    inherited condition resulting in impaired growth and fragile bones, lading to progressive skeletal deformation and frequent fractures
  146. osteomalacia
    gradual and painful softening of bones
  147. osteomyelitis
    painful bone infection caused by bacteria, characterized by inflammation of the red bone marrow
  148. osteonecrosis
    death of bone tissue
  149. osteopetrosis
    excessive formation of dense bone, which crowds out marrow cavities and leads to cutting off blood supply to bone; also known as marble bone
  150. osteoporosis
    abnormal loss of bone density
  151. osteosarcoma
    cancer of bone
  152. paraplegia
    paralysis of both legs and the lower part of the body
  153. polymositis
    inflammation of many muscles simultaneously
  154. quadriplegia
    paralysis of all four appendages
  155. rheumatoid arthritis
    form of arthritis characterized by progressive, gradual joint deterioration that is caused by an autoimmune response
  156. scoliosis
    abnormal lateral curvature of the spine
  157. spondylarthritis
    inflammation of intervertebral joints
  158. sprain
    injursy resulting form stretching a ligament beyond its normal range, tearing its collagen fibers
  159. strain
    injury resulting from stretching a muscle beyond its normal range, tearing muscle tissue
  160. synoviosarcoma
    cancer of a synovial membrane in a joint
  161. tendinitis
    inflammation of a tendon, such as rotator cuff tendonitis, also called pitcher's shoulder
  162. tenosynovitis
    iinflammation of a tendon and the surrounding synovial membrane
  163. closed fracture
    simple, within body
  164. open fracture
    compound, fracture projects outside of the body
  165. colles
    break in distal part of radius
  166. comminuted
    break resulting in fragmentation of bone
  167. compression
    crushed break, often due to weight or pressure applied to a bone during a fall
  168. displaced
    break causing an abnormal alignment of bone pieces
  169. epiphyseal
    break at the location of the growth plate that can affect growth of the bone
  170. greenstick
    slight break in a bone that appears as a slight fissure in an x-ray
  171. nondisplaced
    break in which broken bones retain their alignment
  172. pott's
    break at ankle affecting both lower leg bones
  173. spiral
    spiral-shaped break caused by twisting stresses along a long bone
  174. arthrocentesis
    surgical puncture of a joint to aspirate fluids from synovial cavity
  175. arthroclasia
    breaking of an abnormally stiff joint during surgery to increase range of motion
  176. arthrodesis
    surgical fixation of a joint
  177. arthrogram
    xray film of a joint after injection of air, or contrast media
  178. arthroplasty
    surgical repair of a joint or total joint replacement
  179. arthrotomy
    surgical incision into a joint
  180. bursectomy
    surgical excision of a bursa
  181. bursotomy
    surgical incision into a bursa
  182. chondrectomy
    surgical excision of a joint cartialge
  183. chondroplasty
    surgical repair of a joint cartilage
  184. costectomy
    surgical exceision of a rib
  185. cranioplasty
    repair of a defect in cranium
  186. craniotomy
    entry into cranium
  187. diskectomy
    excision of intervertebral disk
  188. electromyography
    records strength of muscle contractions
  189. fasciotomy
    incision into fascia
  190. laminectomy
    excision of part of a vertebra known as the lamina; helps with herniated disc
  191. meniscectomy
    removal of a meniscus
  192. myoplasty
    repair of muscle tissue
  193. myorrhaphy
    closing a muscle with sutures
  194. orthopedics
    manages musculoskeletal diseases
  195. orthotics
    construction and fitting of orthopedic appliances to assist in patient movement, lifts, prosthetics...
  196. ostectomy
    excision of bone
  197. osteoclasis
    surgical breaking of bone to correct defect
  198. osteology
    study and treatment of bone disease
  199. osteoplasty
    repair of bone
  200. podiatry
    medical field specializing in treating the foot
  201. prosthesis
    artificial substitute for a missing body part
  202. rachiotomy
    incision into the vertebral column
  203. spinal fusion
    connection of adjacent vertebrae for treatment of herniated disc
  204. spondylosyndesis
    surgically connecting adjacent vertebrae forming spinal fusion
  205. synovectomy
    excision of a joint's synovial membrane
  206. tenomyplasty
    repair of muscle and its tendon
  207. tenorrhaphy
    closing a tendon with sutures
  208. tenotomy
    incision into a tendon
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