AG 325

  1. 321-01 Where must CO call first for emergency request of supplies?
    Borough, they will try to reallocate from other Cmd, if not, the Borough will Approve you to call Quartermaster
  2. 325-01 How many forms per day and how many items per form are allowed on the "Request for Supplies"?
    1 form per day, only 1 item on form
  3. 325-05 How many "Request for Supplies" per week are CO's allowed to direct preperation of?
    3 requests per week
  4. 325-05 For request of office furniture/equipment, what else is included and sent to Quartermaster thru Dept mail?
    typed letterhead with "Request" form
  5. 325-05 How often are cleaning and household supplies automatically allocated?
    On a tri annual basis
  6. 325-05 When and how much cleaning and household supplies allocated to commands?
    • 50% July
    • 25% April
    • 25% Decemeber
  7. 325-05 For those household/cleaning supplies that are not automatically requested, may be requested once per year on a "Requisition for supplies from storehouse" form and must be fwd to quartermaster prior to when?
    June 30th
  8. 325-05 What items must be requested on a work order to building maintenance?
    Fuses, Bulletin Boards and Gas Tank Measuring Sticks
  9. 325-02 Upon assuming command of a unit, CO must compare entries in Dept Property databse with property on hand and where does CO make verifying entry?
    Command Log
  10. 325-02 When does CO transfer Dept Property balances from computer databse to Annual Equip Inventory Report?
    At end of each year
  11. 325-02 Where does CO send a copy of "Annual Equip Inventory Report" to if there is serialized equipment? by When?
    Quartermaster by January 15th
  12. 325-03 How many copies of "Relinquishment form" listing property to be relinquished does CO hae prepared?
    5 (CO does not sign someone from Quartermaster does)
  13. 325-03 How many copies of "Dept Property Inspection Report" listing property to be relinquished, does CO have prepared?
  14. 325-03 When does CO fwd "Relinquishment Form" and"Dept Property Inspection report" to quarter master?
    Quarterly on 1st of month (Except in emergencies)
  15. 325-03 Who issues Flags and where are worn flags delivered to for proper disposal?
    Issued by Quartermaster, Worn flags delivered to Ceremonial Unit.PA for proper disposal
  16. 325-04 How many copies of "Dept Property Transfer Report" does CO have prepared and sign to transfer Dept property?
    3 copies
  17. 325-08 What must CO verify upon reeipt of tire repair vendor's monthly invoice?
    Verify that a signed original "Tire repair Voucher" has been received for each charge listed
  18. 325-04 Where does CO send 49 through channels to request permanent vehicles in excess of quota?
    Chairman, Vehicle Allocation Committee (1st Dep Office)
  19. 325-09 What should CO include in 49 to Chairman, Vehicle Allocation Committee to request permanant vehicles in excess of quota?
    Justification and negative impact if you don't get it, alternative's considered productivity savings, cost analysis, est annual mileage etc.
  20. 325-13 What should CO's restrict use of beds to?
    MOS who effect arrests late at night and are required to appear in court in AM, those required to perform unusual tours during emergencies, other unusual
  21. 325-13 Where should CO send itemized "Expense Report" with related laundry service bills for cleaning linen attached?
    Audits and Accounts
  22. 325-14 Who prepares "Request to use private vehicle" form when requesting and when revoked?
    MOS requests CO when revoked or when MOS doesn't want to volunteer anymore
  23. 325-14 What must CO personally advise MOS approved to use private vehicle?
    Report must be re submitted annually by Dec 31 for following year and that authorization is revoked upon transfer
  24. 325-14 Where does CO forward approved requests to use private vehicles?
    CO next higher command
  25. 325-14 Which commands are exempt from making a Commadn Log entry everytime an authorized prvate vehicle is used?
    Commands having the primary function of conducting internal investingations and which do not maintain a Command log
  26. 325-14 According to CO's guidelines for approving and disapproving private vehicle for authorized use, what should the private vehicle not normally be used for?
    Purely admin functions for transport to court/property clerk
  27. 325-14 Who enters and where are results of scofflaw check for each requested private vehicles for authorized use entered?
    CO enters results on the "Request" form
  28. 325-15 Where does CO forward a signed approved "Vehicle ID plate application"?
    Forward to Bureau Chief/ Deputy Commissioner through channels
  29. 325-15 What are the 3 sectors the CO must maintain in the vehicle ID plate log?
    1)VIP# 2) EZ Pass assigned and MOS authorized to get fuel 3) MOS authorized to use private vehicle while on official business
  30. 325-15 What is on front and rear cover of VIP log?
    • Front: list of VIP's with corresponding MOS private vehicle to which assigned
    • Rear: List of MOS approved to use private vehicle and get fuel
  31. 325-15 How many pages per MOS authorized to use EZ Pass, get fuel and use private vehicle must CO assigned in VIP log?
    at least 6 pages
  32. 325-15 If a VIP is lost/stolen where does CO send 49?
    Chief of IAB through channels (with alarm #) and 61 attached
  33. 325-15 When is Barrier Section open? and where can you call on off hours?
    0700-1500 Mon-Sat, off hrs call Operations
  34. 325-15 How many days prior to an event must CO request barriers?
    3 days
  35. 325-15 When must CO submit report to CO Barrier Section through channels regarding barriers?
    When notifies by Barrier Section that the # of barriers picked up is less than the original # received (indicate reason and include action taken (61 etc))
  36. 325-18 Who does CO assign to maintain the Command Reference library and prevent unauthorized removal of material?
    Training Sgt
  37. 325-18 What is in section 1 and section 2 of command reference library?
    • Sect 1 - Info
    • Sect 2- Records, files etc.
  38. 325-20 If there is not enough space in a "work requested" section to clearly describe request for repairs to Dept facilities and Equipment, what is used?
    "Supv approving/comments" section
  39. 325-20 Where are requests for access and password changes sent to for weblink program?
    CO, BMS
  40. 325-21 What must CO make a Command Log entry of regarding emergency gas purchase for Dept vehicles?
    Cash received and distributed, amount of gas purchased and cash balance
  41. 325-21 Where does CO forward all purchase receipts of emergency gas, remaining cash and 49 to? when?
    Parent command upon termination of emergency gas situation
  42. 325-22 Where does CO/XO (DC if not available) address 49 to for release of vehicle towed while on official duty?
    • 49 to Chief of Department
    • copies to Chief of Dept thru channels
    • CO Operator
    • Command which vehicle assigned
    • Operations Direct (CO give 49 to operator to hand deliver to Ops Unit)
  43. 325-26 What is limit of stamps a CO can request unless detailed explanation is made for obtaining additional?
    100 or less
  44. 325-26 Where does DO establish a postage stamp log?
    Utilize other section of Dept record book containing Metro Card use log
  45. 325-29 What is amount allowed for supplies/materials not available through the quartermaster or Div of Municipal Supplies?
    $250 or less
  46. 325-29 Where does Precinct CO forward "Purchase Requisition" for cash purchase approval?
    • Borough equipment coordinator (They fwd to QMS)
    • Other than precinct CO fwd via Dept mail to Quartermaster for approval
  47. 325-29 Within how many days after receiving invoice with certifying stamp from Quartermaster must it be returned to Audits and Accounts unit?
    5 days
  48. 325-30 Where does Ops Coord fwd a "Work order" for violations issued at Dept facility?
    Facilities Management Div
  49. 325-36 Where does CO send 49 to request additional space or relocation?
    CO, Facilities Management Division
  50. 325-41 Where does CO send request for cell phone equipment?
    49 through channels to 1st Dep
  51. 325-45 When must Ops Coord be notified regarding the box used to recycle flourescent lamps?
    When full or its 11 months since 1st bulbs went in
  52. 325-45 Where does Ops Coordinator notify when box of fluorescent lamps is ready to be recycled?
    Notify BMS and Fed Ex to pick up (Telephone Record for both)
  53. 325-45 What must be done with broken fluorescent lamps (Hazmat)?
    Swept into plastic garbage bags and put peddler seals and date on bag
  54. IO33(325) Where must CO notify for Universal/Electronic Waste?
    Quartermaster Section to ensure their availability to intake U/EW
  55. IO33 (325) Where does CO forward signed "Dept Property- Disposal of U/EW Report"?
    Quartermaster Section, Relinquishment Unit (Direct)
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