1. 211-04 When does R/C clerk check CACS?
    Beginning, middle and 1/2 hr before EOT
  2. 211-04 Who does r/c notify if MOS scheduled for RDO court (other than short date notification)?
    Ops Coordinator
  3. 211-04 Where does DO make entry if notifying a UMOS for short date court and UMOS is not at command?
    Telephone Record
  4. 211-04 The Co investigates the reason for no show at court and takes appropriate disciplinary action as necessary. When and where does CO send report with Officers who fail to appear, reason and disciplinary actino taken?
    • Each business day fwd report to Investigations Unit of overhead command
    • (49 x3 1 overhead command, 1 Boro investigations, 1 file)
  5. 211-05 (IO 25s2008) where are only places that a telephone notification for court accepted from?
    CACS or if closed BCS
  6. 211-05 What will UMOS change tour to day before court if they normally work 1800x2400?
  7. 211-05 If a request for a MOS to be assigned to DA's office for 6-30 days , where does CO endorse request to after his/her reveiw, for final determination?
    Chief of Dept
  8. 211-05 If ADA requests verbal extension of a UMOS to be assigned to court for next day in an ongoing trial, where does CO notify?
    CO notify appearence control after UMOS notified CO
  9. 211-06 When does CO direct UMOS not assigned a radio to signal DO for civil court?
    Every 30 minutes between 0900-1300 hrs
  10. 211-07 Who does UMOS notify of scheduled RDO court?
    BCS boss
  11. 211-09 Where does UMOS that intends to make a statement before Gov't or private agency in an official capacity or provide character opinion/expert testimony address 49 in triplicate to?
    • Address to PC no later than 5 business days prior to testimony/statement
    • (1 PC Direct, 1 PC thru channels, 1 DCPI direct)
  12. 211-09 If MOS that intends to make a statement before a Gov't or private agency in an official capacity or provide character opinion or expert testimony canot comply within 5 business days notice because of subpoena or other, what must MOS do?
    Notify PCO or Legal Bureau by telephone
  13. 211-10 By when must a request for re-scheduling TVB be made?
    at least 10 calendar days prior to originally scheduled hearing date
  14. 211-10 Who ensures a warrant check is done on motorists when UMOS notified for TVB?
    Notifying Supv
  15. 211-10 When can UMOS request "affidavit of no recall/seperation of service" be prepared by ICO?
    If summons was issued prior to Nov 1993 and no independent recollection (must have both)
  16. 211-10 When can Ops Coord request r/c personnel to put UMOS on TVB court alert?
    • must have all:
    • scheduled for 1030 or 1300 hr appearence
    • scheduled for 1 motorist only (regardless of # of summonses)
    • TVB court is in the same patrol borough as UMOS and
    • Command can ensure expeditious appearences of member once alerted
  17. 211-12 What must CO include in 49 (x5) for DMV hearing regarding RMP accidents?
    All facts and transcripts of command log entry of original incident
  18. 211-12 Where does CO endorse and forward 49 for DMV hearing regarding RMP accident?
    2x DCLM, 1 DCMB, 1 CO, Fleet Services, 1 File
  19. 211-12 What info is included in 49 for DMV hearing regarding RMP accident?
    MOS properly performing duties, no misconduct, charges not forthcoming, request Corp Counsel defend MOS
  20. 211-17 Who is responsible for commands compliance with all requests from Document Reproduction Unit?
  21. 211-20 When a MOS needs formal legal advice in the performance of duty and supv determines legal advice is necessary, where does Supv direct UMOS to contact in person or by telephone?
    Legal Bureau M-F 0700-2300, at other times, if emergency, Supv contact CO/Duty Capt for guidance and assistance. If necessary CO/Duty Capt can contact DCLM or CO Legl Bureau through Operations
  22. 211-21 What part of "request for legal assistance" does a MOS obtaining assistance of corp counsel current CO prepare?
    Part B
  23. 211-21 Where does CO of MOS obtaining assistance of Copr Counsel contact? What for?
    Contact IAB's Record Unit to determine if an investigation was conducted regarding the incident and provide name and tax # of hte individual contacted

    Contact Dept Advocate to determine if there are charges and specs regarding the incident, provide name and tax # of the individual contacted
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