massage therapy canada R9

  1. arteries
    have a strong muscular walls of 3 separates layers, carry the pure blood from the heart to the body
  2. veins
    are thinner, and carry blood towards the heart, deoxygenated blood
  3. another name for tapotement
  4. why should rmt avoid hacking transversely across the muscle
    may cause bruise or charlie horse
  5. how do we govern the amount of pressure used in applying massage
    as much pressure as the Cx can stand without causing pain, and more pressure to heavy muscle areas
  6. in percussion massage used on the body generally?
    no. is used in buttocks, thighs, and areas that are heavily muscled at times.
  7. what is one important physiological effect of tapotement
    stimulates nerves, restore weak mm, is therapeutic
  8. what is lymph
    body alkaline, colorless fluid found in lymphatic vessels, milky in color in vessel draining the intestines bcz of presence of absorbed fats
  9. what moves lymph through the body
    massage as well as the mm and joints when they move
  10. does lymph travel through the body as fast blood
  11. how is lymph formed
    by plasma and white blood cells escaping through the walls of the capillaries
  12. what is the Fx of the lymphatic system
    carries digested fats from intestinal area to blood steam, and filters out pus and foreing matter
  13. what is the term superficial lymphaticus
    those near the skin
  14. what is the Fx of the lymphatic valves
    to keep the lymph flowing in one direction
  15. functions of the lymph nodes
    produce lymphocytes and monocytes, filter for particular matter, (bacteria) stoping it from enter the blood stream,
  16. how is massage helpful in keeping the lymphatic system functioning properly
    stimulates the flow of lymph
  17. what should be the reaction of the Cx during massage treatment?
    a pleasent relaxing feeling of euphoria
  18. in what order should massage manipulations be applied in giving a general body
    effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, nerves strokes
  19. name the 3 principal classifications of joint movements,
    synarthrosis, amphiarthrosis, diarthrosis
  20. synarthrosis joint
    immovable, ejm skull
  21. amphiarthrosis joint
    limited range, spinal column,
  22. diarthrosis joint
    freely movable joints (gliding, hinge, ball and socket joint) wrists and ankles
  23. are all joints movable
  24. waht are the Fx on the intervertebral disc?
    to absorb shock and allow limited movements
  25. whare is articular fluid found
    in the synovial cavity
  26. define the purpose of articular fluid
    eliminates friction of bones when their become in contact
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massage therapy canada R9
massage therapy canada R9