1. enlightenment
    reform culture and expand knowledge
  2. absolute monarchy
    type of government where there is a figure head (king queen) at the front of power
  3. Habsburgs
    important royal house of europe mainly austria
  4. spanish tercio
    formation for war with pike men in the middle flanked by musketeers
  5. louis XIV
    1638-1715 reined for 72 years louiis the great, dressed very flamboyantly in an effort to centralize power by drawing in all the nobility and dissipating their power.
  6. 30 years war
    1618-1648 started because some priests were thrown out a window, very long and bloody war for the time.
  7. siege of vienna
    1683 defeat of ottamans, and rise of habsburgs
  8. great powers in 18th 19th centuries
    britain, france, austria, russia, prussia
  9. eugene of savoy
    austrian habsburg military commander, very adept
  10. peter the great
    tsar of russia1682 till death, sister was tsarina ahead of him, and wasnt sure if she wanted him to succede her or not.
  11. fredrick the great
    king of prussia,
  12. maria theresa
    queen of france and wife to louis XIV
  13. catherine the great
    emporess or russia, grew russia stronger and larger than ever, wasnt respected at first.
  14. seven years war
    1756-1763 french and indian war
  15. social contract theory
    exchange freedoms for protection
  16. louis XVI
    king of france supported americans who were looking for independance from brits
  17. 1st estate
  18. 2nd estate
  19. 3rd estate
    everyone else
  20. storming of the bastille
    july 14 1789 flash point of the french revolution
  21. war of the first coalition
    1792-1797 multinational efferts against the revolutionaary french
  22. Napoleon
    declares himself emperor in 1804 odd because he was supposed to be a president like individual, after the last emperor was ousted, but people accepted this fact, also one of the greatest military men ever in terms of strategy and ability to motivate.
  23. egyptian canpaign
    1798-99 napolean fighting in egypt gets trapped and he retreats hailed as hero when he gets back but his army is stranded
  24. war of the second coalition
    1798-1801 same story as the first contain french revolutions
  25. war of the third coalition
    1803-1805 defeat of the coalition forces at the hands of napolean
  26. traflagar
    1805 sea battle british vs spanish and french Horatio nelson hero for british victory even though he is killed
  27. horatio nelson
    famouse flag ship officer in royal navy notable performance in battle of trafalgar where he died.
  28. duke of wellington
    defeated napolean at waterloo
  29. austria war of independance
  30. archduke charles
    beats napolean
  31. tsar alexander I
    allied with king of prussia against Napolean
  32. continental system
    embargo by napolean on british goods
  33. battle of leipzig
    1813 allied forces beat napolean
  34. 100 days waterloo
    1815 napolean defeated by seventh coalition fought valiently but couldnt be everywhere at once
  35. crimean war
    1854-56 britain helps ottomans against russians
  36. sinope
    1853 explosive shells used russians destroy turkish fleet
  37. austro prussian war
    1866 3 prussian armies march in and evicerate them
  38. franco prussian war
    1870 unites germany and uses media to build support
  39. battle of konnigratz
    1866 prussian armies march in austrians overwhelmed
  40. battle of lissa
    1866 austria vs italy at sea austrian flag ship rammed and samk italian flagship
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