psych test 3

  1. what is mazlows hierarchy?
    the theory that a person must meet a set of needs before they can meet another set of needs.

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  2. what are freuds defense mechanisms?
    Denial: claiming/believing that what is true to be actually false.

    Displacement: redirecting emotions to a substitute target.

    Intellectualization: taking an objective viewpoint.

    Projection: attributing uncomfortable feelings to others.

    Rationalization: creating false but credible justifications.Reaction

    Formation: overacting in the opposite way to the fear.

    Regression: going back to acting as a child.

    Repression: pushing uncomfortable thoughts into the subconscious.

    Sublimation: redirecting 'wrong' urges into socially acceptable actions.
  3. what is bulimia?
    an eating disorder characterized by repetative binging and purging,use of of laxitives, or dieretics in an attempt to lose weight
  4. what is the abuse cycle?
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  5. define circadian rhythm?
    cyclical changes in the body function levels thats vary on a schedule approximating a 24 hour day
  6. define dry drunk:
    condition characterized by a return to alcoholic thinking and behavior even though the alcoholic has not yet returned to drinking.
  7. what is learned helplessness?
    A condition that occurs after a period of negative consequences where the person begins to believe they have no control.
  8. name as many reactions to frustration you can think of, 6 possible answers.
    • frustration
    • persistance
    • circumvention
    • direct aggression
    • displaced aggression
    • withdrawel
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