1. Primary function of endocrine system?
    Produce hormones that work together to mantain homeostatis throughout body systems
  2. What is a hormone?
    • Chemical messenger that:
    • 1. Is secreted by endocrine glands
    • 2. Has specialized functions in regulating the activities of specific cells, or organs, or both.
  3. adren/o
    Glands: 2 Adrenal glands

    • Functions:
    • 1. Regulate electrlyte levels
    • 2. Influence metabolism
    • 3. Respond to stress
  4. Gonad/o
    Gland: 2 gonads (male - testicles; female - ovaries)

    Functions: Regulate development and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics
  5. Pancreat/o
    Gland: 1 Pancreas with multiple Pancreatic islets

    • Functions: Control:
    • 1. Blood sugar levels &
    • 2. Glucose metabolism
  6. Parathyroid/o
    Gland: 4 Parathyroid glands

    Function: Regulate calcium levels throughout body
  7. Pineal/o
    Gland: 1 Pineal gland

    Function: Influences sleep--wakefulness cycle
  8. Pituit/o; pituitar/o
    Gland: 1 Pituitary gland with 2 lobes - anterior & posterior

    Function: The Master Gland - Secretes hroones that controlactivity of other endocrine glands
  9. Thym/o
    Gland: 1 Thymus gland

    Function: Plays a major role in the immune system
  10. Thyr/o; Thyroid/o
    Gland: 1 Thyroid gland

    • Function: Stimulates:
    • 1. Metabolism
    • 2. Growth
    • 3. Activity of nervous system
  11. endocrin/o
    to secure within
  12. -ologist
  13. endo-
    prefix meaning within
  14. crin/o
    to secrete
  15. -pathy
    Suffix meaning disease
  16. hyper-
    Prefix meaning excessive
  17. -ism
    Suffix meaning condition
  18. hypo-
    Prefix meaning deficient
  19. somat/o
  20. -tropic
    Suffix meaning affinity for

    NOTE: Comtrast with -tropin meaning simulate
  21. oxy-
    Prefix meaning swift
  22. -tocin
    Suffix mening labor
  23. acr/o
  24. -megaly
    Suffix meaning abnormal enlargement
  25. -oma
    Suffix meaning tumor
  26. -ectomy
    Suffix meaning surgical removal
  27. calc/o (prefix is calci-)
  28. -emia
    Suffix meaning blood condition
  29. -itis
    Suffix meaning inflammation
  30. insulin/o
  31. -algia
    Suffix meaning pain
  32. glyc/o; glycos/o
  33. poly-
    Prefix meaning many
  34. -dipsia
    Suffix meaning thirst
  35. -phagia
    Suffix meaning eating
  36. -uria
    Suffix meaning urination
  37. phe/o
  38. chrom/o
  39. cyt/o
  40. -tropin
    Suffix meaning simulate

    NOTE: Contrast with -tropic meaning an affinity for
  41. endocrinologist
    Physician who specializes in diagnosing & treating diseases & malfunctions of the endocrine glands
  42. What is homeostasis?
    constant internal environment - a place of balance
  43. adipocyte
    fat cell
  44. Infundibulum
    A stalk-like structure
  45. Diuretic
    Medication that is administered to increase urine secretion (and output)
  46. Pitocin
    Synthetic form of oxytocin that is administered to induce or speed up labor
  47. Circadian cycle
    refers to the biological functions that occur within a 24-hour period
  48. Metabolism
    Describes all of the processes involved in the body'suse of nutrients
  49. Adenoma
    small, slow-growing, benign growth of glandular origin
  50. Tetany
    Condition of periodic, painful muscle spasms and tremors
  51. Reabsoprtion
    Means returning a substance to the bloodstream
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