3 Shots Full

  1. Oliver: you two look happy, somethin special going on tonight?
    Liz: It's really of no importance to you
  2. Charlie: Nah. We ain't hungry, Weain't thirsty
    Liz: We're a bit busy honey. Just get us something to eat. Something stiff.
  3. Moody Couple they wanted to be left alon.
    LEAVE STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. They seemed really cheery and were smiling a whole lot.
    We've got really big plans for later
  5. Charlie; Yeah I know I'm excited, so let's celebrate
    "We want the best thing you got. Go ahead and give us what's on the top shelf"
  6. Stage Direction: Oliver walks back to the couple and hands them a drink
    Liz: Uh, whats this?
  7. Oliver: Can I get you guys anything else
    Liz: Uh no thanks, we're fine
  8. Charlie: so youre telling me this cop buddy of yours has some doug stashed away?
    Liz: Not just some doug Charles. He's been strong arming this neighborhood for years. We're talking tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds.
  9. Charle: So you've been sweet talkin him?
    Liz: He's in love with me!
  10. Charlie; How much did you butter him up?
    Liz: He thinks im gonna marry him
  11. Charlie: The only way that'll happen is if we get a divorce. But we'll be together till the day we die so whats the plan?(wave oliver away)
    • Well, he is a decent cop and he doesn't wanna lose his job.
    • But he doesn't want to lose the money either. So I say we blackmail him. Pull from all we can. How much should we demand?
  12. Charlie: 25,000 could get us out of the country. Mexico sounds perfect. We could just lay on the beach forever
    Liz: Away from your nagging mother!
  13. Charlie: Away from fat Carlo. He said he was gonna shatter my knee cap the next time he sees me. When are you gonna see him next?
    Liz: well I told em I was gonna meet him tonight. I hate when he touches me, and kisses me. His breath smells like stale coffee and cheap scotch. And his hands are cold and clammy.
  14. Charlie: He hasn't done anything besides kiss yah has he?
    Liz: I am a married woman! I could never do such a thing.
  15. Charlie:(Kiss) Where does she live
    Liz:The corners of 2nd and Mercury Avenue
  16. Vincent: So your gonna take my money huh? you really thought you were that slick?
    Liz: vincent, it's not what you think baby!
  17. Vincent shoots Charlie(scream)
    Vince what did you do!!! What did you do? You shot my Charlie, my love!!! I hate you!
  18. Vincent: you lied to me. You broke my heart, you whore!
    Liz: I hope you die! I never loved you. No one will ever love you...
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