kinetics exam

  1. 5 factors of collion theory
    • temperature
    • concentration
    • surface area
    • nature of reaction
    • catalyst/inhibitors
  2. molecular reactions
    only certain regions (slower than ionic)
  3. ionic reactions
    all sides the same
  4. how does temperature affect reaction rate?
    • temperature --> KE--> how fast reaction happens
    • ^T^KE^velocity^collions^rate
  5. catalyst
    lowers the activation energy & speeds the rate of reaction
  6. how do catalsyts work?
    orients molecules so they collide faster
  7. why does reaction rate change as the reaction progresses?
    reactants collide & form products, reactant [ ] decreases & makes the rate go down
  8. kinetics
    study of reaction rate
  9. thermodynamics
    study of energy flow
  10. enthalphy
    heat flowing at constant pressure
  11. entropy
    disorder of system
  12. how does concentration affect reaction rate?
    it depends on the molarity, if there is an increase in [] there will be more collisions, decrease in [] cause less collisions
  13. activated complex
    unstable & on top of the energy hill
  14. what is the slow step in a reaction mechanism?
    the rate determining step
  15. 1st order reaction:
    reaction rate is directly proportional to the []
  16. K>1
    products are favored
  17. Gibb's free energy equation
  18. exothermic
    heat released
  19. endothermic
    heat absorbed
  20. spontaneous
    happens without outside intneractions
  21. non spontaneous
    happens with outside interaction
  22. Rate f = Rate r
    where []'s stay the same
  23. Add reactant
    ---> shift to the right
  24. Add product
    <---- shift to the left
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