Religion Multi-Choice

  1. Why are we God's crowning achievement?
    We were made in his images
  2. What is the first form of communion between persons?
    The relationship between man and woman
  3. What does it mean that we are made in God's image?
    Fundamental dignity
  4. What is the consistent ethic of life?
    Preserve and honor life
  5. How can we tell Jesus lived in poverty?
    He didn't have a permanent home
  6. What's the greatest sign of showing love according to Jesus?
    Taking your life for a friend
  7. Why is the Ressurection not part of Jesus being a model for us?
    We cannot do the same
  8. What part of a human is described as "sharing in the light of the divine mind"?
    Human intellect
  9. What does sexuality not refer to?
    Having sex with anyone you love
  10. How does Francis of Assisi use terms to show relationship with the natural world?
    United as one
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Religion Multi-Choice
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