Language Activity C #8 Vocab

  1. abscond
    to leave quickly in secret
  2. assend
    to agree, as to a proposal
  3. chimerical
    fanciful; imaginary, impossible
  4. contiguous
    sharing a boundary; neighboring
  5. ersatz
    being an artificial and inferior substitute or imitation
  6. fictive
    fictional, relating to imaginative creation
  7. harangue
    to give a long speech
  8. incandescent
    shining brightly
  9. intreped
    fearless, resolutely courageous
  10. mitigate
    to make less severe, make milder
  11. zephyr
    a gentle breeze; something airy or unsubstantial
  12. wily
    clever; deceptive
  13. variegated
    varied; marked with different colors
  14. tenacious
    tending to persist or cling; persistent in adhering to something valued or habitual
  15. stasis
    a state of static balance or equilibrium; stagnation
  16. satiate
    to satisfy (as a need or desire) fully or to excess
  17. refute
    to contradict, discredit
  18. proscribe
    to condemn or forbid as harmful or unlawful
  19. pare
    to trim off excess, reduce
  20. oligarchy
    a government in which a small group exercises supreme control
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Language Activity C #8 Vocab