Language Activity C #9 Vocab

  1. abstemious
    done sparingly; consuming in moderation
  2. allay
    to lessen, ease, reduce in intensity
  3. atavistic
    characteristic of a former era, ancient
  4. braggart
    a person who brags or boasts in a loud and empty manner
  5. circuitous
    indirect, roundabout
  6. continence
    self-control, self-restraint
  7. discomfit
    to disconcert, to make one lose one’s composure
  8. eschew
    to shun; to avoid (as something wrong or distasteful)
  9. filibuster
    to use obstructionist tactics, especially prolonged speech making, in order to delay something
  10. hedonist
    one who pursues pleasure as a goal
  11. tenet
    a principle, belief, or doctrine accepted by members of a group
  12. saturnine
    cold and steady in mood, gloomy; slow to act
  13. relegate
    to send into exile, banish; assign
  14. prostrate
    lying face downward in adoration or submission
  15. pariah
    an outcast
  16. onus
    a burden, an obligation
  17. modicum
    a small portion, limited quantity
  18. lithe
    moving and bending with ease; marked by effortless grace
  19. inundate
    to cover with a flood; to overwhelm as if with a flood
  20. incamadime
    red, especially blood red
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Language Activity C #9 Vocab