vietnam test

  1. pentagon papers?
    • classified documents that got released to public
    • they discuss decisions about vietnam made by the president where they didnt get congressional approval
  2. my lai massacre?
    US soldiers involved in killing unarmed, vietnamese civilians
  3. gulf of tonkin resolution?
    gave president power to take all necessary measures to protect and defend the U.S
  4. counterculture?
    creates values, practices conflicted with american society
  5. Tet offensive?
    launched surprise attacks against US bases
  6. napalm?
    jelly like substance that exploded when it touched anything
  7. Viet Cong?
    vietnamese who wanted to get rid of Diem and unify the country
  8. free fire zone?
    an area where anything that moved was considered to be an enemy, and attacked
  9. search and destroy mission?
    responded to a single attack by destroying a whole village
  10. phoenix program?
    eliminate the NLF leadership through assassination
  11. guerrilla warfare?
    vietnamese used the environment for fight enemy
  12. 17th parallel?
    DMZ for vietnam
  13. LBJ's 2 promises?
    • he would not lose the war
    • he would not send more troops over
  14. Vietminh?
    independent communist movement
  15. draft?
    was protested because things were unfair
  16. why was the draft unfair?
    • most draftees were from low income families or minorities
    • could defer if in college or married
    • draft dodgers
    • conscientious objector
  17. vietcong tactics?
    • guerilla warfare
    • tunnel systems
  18. election of 1968?
    nixon and the republicans win
  19. paris peace accords?
    allowed N. vietnamese troops to stay in the south
  20. agent orange?
    • used to destory vegetation and to find the VC
    • sprayed it from planes and killed everything
  21. hawks vs. doves?
    • hawks - for war
    • doves - against war
  22. results of the war?
    • vietname becomes one communist country
    • environmental changes and heavy human loss
  23. ho chi minh?
    led an independent communist movement known as the vietminh
  24. Ngo Dinh Diem?
    • leads a US supported gov't
    • run as a dictatorship
  25. Lt. William Calley?
    gave the OK for the My Lai massacre
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