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  1. acording to massage therapy act MTA records must be kept for
    financial record, daily apptm w names of Cx and time & equipment service record
  2. charging a fee in excess of the posted fees w-out concent of the Cx
    is a professional misconduct
  3. if a member is found to have made remarks of a sexual abuse they could face
    a charge of professional misconduct and a fine up to 25,000
  4. if a member is found guilty of professional misconduct they may be require to
    pay a fine of not more than appear to the panel, reimburse the college for funding for the Cx
  5. if a member is found to hve made remarks of a sexual nature to a Cx the complaints committe can
    refer the matter to the discipline committe
  6. good way to develop a referral source for rmt
    volunteering, joining loval business associations, giving public lectures & seminars
  7. refferrals for rmt the best way is
    as an rmt with best practices often it is your C who refer you
  8. according to the PHIPA practitioners can assume implied consent for disclosure of
    personal information to other custodians who are Tx the Cx
  9. confidenciality is very important to C, but in what case u have to break the confidenciality
    when the C, whos is a minor, has been abuse
  10. if the C report that has been started a new diet and exercise regime you must
    record this info, in their health Hx bcz is related to the musculoskeletal system
  11. what is the excercise used to stretch the biceps femoris
    sit ups
  12. if you touch the Cx in an inappropriate sexual way, what is it called
  13. wich is the best way for getting off the massage table
    roll to one side with neck relaxed, drop legs off the side of the table then push up with arms
  14. the rmt drops a pillowcase on the floor, what should be done
    place it on the dirty clotes hamper and wash your hands
  15. muscle that abducts the humerus
  16. wich portion of the large intestine passes trough the pelvic basin
  17. heavy pressure on the mandible is CI bcz it could lead to
    sublimation of jaws
  18. wich nerve plexus effects anterior arm bwn biceps and triceps
  19. movement of the body toward the middline is what
  20. what are the crystallized mineral chunks that develop in the urinary tract called
    renal calculi
  21. what is homeostasis
    is the state of balance in the body that is maintained through a series of negative feedback mechanisms
  22. which muscle group would you work for lordosis, scoliosis, and kyphosis
    depending on the shape, rmt would palpate, erector spinale group, entercostals, trap's gluts med, QL for hypertone and trps
  23. what is the zigomatic bone
    cheek bone
  24. what mineral facilitates actin and myosin
    adenosine triphosphate ATP
  25. whay is the synergist for triceps brachii
  26. a woman 40 years old and a survivor of breast cancer can have problems with
    bone metrix, periocarditis, exophageal efflux, osteomalacia, tendon synovitis
  27. what is dermatome
    sensory segment of the skin supplied by a specific nerve root
  28. what is remedial care
    helps to restore and improve the persons musculoskeletal health
  29. what vitamin is in the eye
  30. what vitamin gel can help the eyes
    vitamin A
  31. excercise to stretch biceps femoris
    standing w barbell across the back on shoulders like squads, legs rigid, bend forward, at the waist, head up, until upper bodyis parallel, reverse the movement to bring your upper body back up
  32. what taste goes with the spleen
  33. if the medial side drops what would this be called? toes to point in
    pigeon toe, metatarsus varus
  34. if you are in a two-car accident, how would people go about getting the copy of the accident report
    they would get them from the police once it was reported
  35. what is the zebra striped pattern called
  36. which is distal to the olecranon process
  37. what is acute acquired torticollis?
    peinful unilateral shortening or spasm on the mm of the neck, that result in abnormal head position
  38. CI for torticollis
    full stretches to scm, avoid working over carotid triangle, inferior angle of the mandible
  39. why should you not apply deep presure to the cuboidal area
    brachial artery
  40. the sciatic nerve pases through wich two palpable, bony structures
    hip, and the gluteal region and sometimes through the periformis
  41. what is the name of the muscles that crosses two joints
  42. how would you position a client with lordosis
    pillow under belly, to get rid of the exaggeraton of the lordotic curve
  43. what kind of fluid you find in the joints
  44. what would be the best relief treatment for someone with chronic rheumatic arthritis
    moist heat
  45. adult blood cells are made from
    red marrow
  46. what is the connective tissue layer covering the entire muscle called
  47. what is the only bilateral joint
    saddle joint (the thumb)
  48. what holds the body together
  49. homeostasis influences the
    endocrine system
  50. vitamins B and C are
    water soluble
  51. what amino acid breaks down carbohydrates
    amylase enzyme
  52. what nutrients helps with clotting
  53. what is the acction of the masseter muscle
    elevates the mandible
  54. what is cortisol
    a hormone for the sympathetic nervous system
  55. cortisol
    stress hormone
  56. functions of the circulatory system
    carries oxygen to the cells on the body, removes waste products from cells of the body
  57. what system regulates the beating of the heart
    nervous system
  58. what is plasma
    thin yellow liquid portion of the bood
  59. what is serum
    yellow portion of blood without anticoagulant
  60. what are the erythrocytes and Fx
    red blood cells, carrie oxygen and carbon dioxide
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