1. Simple present
    • Beth runs three miles
    • Both baseball teams are on television
  2. Present progressive
    • (describes something that's in progress right now)
    • The kids on the playground are laughing loudly
  3. Present perfect
    • (describes an action that started at an indefinite time in the past and either continues into the present or has just been completed)
    • Astrid has read a book a week
    • I have never been to Spain
  4. Simple past
    • (indicates a completed action or condition)
    • I wrote my final paper
  5. Past progressive
    • (to describe an action that was ongoing in the past)
    • We were sleeping when the fire alarm went off
  6. Past perfect
    • (when you want to make it clear that one action in the past happened before another. This tense requires the helping verb had; past perfect can never stand alone as the only verb in the a sentence)
    • Before she began college last fall, she had never been more than twenty
  7. Simple future
    • (describes an action that will take place in the future. This tense requires the helper verb will)
    • I will clean my room tomorrow
  8. Future progressive
    • (describes an ongoing action that takes place in the future)
    • I will be cleaning my room when you arrive
  9. Future perfect
    • (indicates an action that will be completed by a specified time in the future)
    • We will not have finished dinner by the time you arrive
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