Chapter 11 media adv

  1. What are the 4 Pros of Magazines
    1. Access narrow target audiences

    2. Strong visuals to enhance brand awareness

    3. Regional and demographic editions enhance targeting

    4. Mags are portable, and have high pass along rate
  2. 5 Cons of Magazines
    1. Expensive

    2. Ads take up 50% of mag content

    3. Deadlines limit immediacy

    4. A single vehicle cannot stand alone
  3. True or Fals Magazines can allow advertisers to reach a distinctive niche.
  4. What are the 4 Cost Concerns
    1. Marketing costs

    2. Postage & Distribution costs

    3. Concentration of advertisers

    4. Incresses in discounting
  5. A____ refers to packaging of several media or vehicles to be sold to advertisers in order to gain a synergistic communication effect and efficiencies in purchasing time or space
    Cross-Media Buys
  6. What are the 5 advantages of Magazine Advertising
    1. Effectiveness

    2. Audience selectivity

    3. Long life & Creative options

    4. Demographic & Geographic editions

    5. Qualitative factors
  7. Readers do these things after exposure to Magazine ads
    1. Consider purchasing

    2. gather more info

    3. Vist Website

    4. Purchase product

    5. Visit Store

    6. Save Ads

    7. Recommend Product
  8. What are the 2 Disadvatges of Magazines Advertising
    1. High Cost

    2. Long Closing Dates
  9. What are the 3 Pros of City Magazines
    1. Upscale readership

    2. Good Vehicles for retail & car advertising

    3. Hybrid of small circulation specialty
  10. What the 4 question that need to be answered when advertising in a Magazine
    1. Size

    2. Placement

    3. Color

    4. Format
  11. The Date Appearing on the cover
    Cover Date
  12. The date on which the magazine is issued
    On Sale date
  13. The date when the print or plates needed to print the advertisement must be at the publishers in order to make an issue
    Closing date
  14. Circulation, also known as the rates, base, is the circulation on which advertising rates are based
    Paid Circulaion
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Chapter 11 media adv
Chapter 11 media adv