1. Battle of Britain
    Summer 1940 British air force vs. German air force Brits "won"
  2. Blitzkrieg
    lightning war, new type of warfare defeat poland in 30 days
  3. Rape on Nanking
    japanese racism, slaughter 200,000 chinese people also experiment with biological warfare on the chinese.
  4. Pearl Harbor
    japanese suprise attack sink 5 battle ships damage 3 most planes get destroyed on the ground
  5. WWII
    1939-1945, starts with non-violent takeovers, hits off with poland then moves to full swing war.
  6. Battle of Midway
    June 1942, japanese try to lure american fleet out and sink it, we sink 4 of their aircraft carriers, they get only 1.
  7. Einsatzgruppen
    mobile killing squad numbering about 3000 killed over 1,000,000.
  8. Auschwitz
    deat/concentration camp could kill 20,000 in a day at its height.
  9. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    dies before Japan president at start of WWII
  10. Kamikaze
    suicide bombers, japanese run out of skilled pilots this is result.
  11. Hiroshima
    Truman president, 70,000 first day, 130,000 within six months.
  12. Nagasaki
    Truman president, 40,000 first day, 70,000 within 6 months.
  13. Normandy Invasion (d-day)
    1944, puts large army in northern europe, push through land 50,000 tanks and air superiority.
  14. Axis
    Enemy forces, Germany under Adolf Hitler, Italy under Benito Mussolini, and Japan under Emperor Hirohito.
  15. Adolf Hitler
    Leader of Germany during WWII killed himself before we got to him.
  16. Marshall Plan
    rebuild western europe to counter soviet expansion, pour ion money to make allies
  17. Berlin Airlift
    1948-1949, Soviets shut off roads to west berlin, USA airlifts in supplies for a year, soviets dont stop it from happeneing.
  18. Korean war
    1950-1953, soviet north korea invades USA south korea, USA afraid of dominoe effect
  19. Harry Truman
    President for Berlin air lift and korean war.
  20. Stalin
    lives until 1953, never a leader like him again (last to be able to consolidate all power)
  21. Kennedy
    president during cuban missile crisis
  22. queymoy and matsu
    1954, 1959, close calls with nukes, chinese shell islands and taiwan resupplies.
  23. Hungarian uprising 1956
    attempt to overthrow communist government put down by soviets.
  24. Cuban missile crisis
    1962, almost nuclear war
  25. Prague
    Spring 1968, Chezk gov't grants small freedoms people want more put down by soviets.
  26. Algeria
    French colony wants independance, French gov't wants to talk military leaders overthrow, and tourture and kill Algerians.
  27. Detente
    1970 when both sides of cold war are talking
  28. Reagan
    heats up cold war doesnt want to talk to soviets, in 1987 he finally talks to Gorbachev and dismantles some weapons.
  29. Gorbachev
    soviet primier, in the 80's buys time by talking with USA to try and reform the government
  30. Perestroika
    make the economy more efficient, by opening up
  31. Glasnost
    part of perestroika
  32. Berlin wall
    falls in 1989 revolutions peaceful and open no killing
  33. Soviet Union collapses
    1991, Nationalism takes hold, soviet union breaks into a bunch of smaller countries.
  34. Ghandhi
    one man we give credit to for indian revolution, non-violent.
  35. Satyagraha
    ideal of dissention of people from british ideals to stop cooperating with british and thus gain independance.
  36. Nehru
    one of the leading members of the india congress set up by british
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