urinary def

  1. Bowman's capsule
    Double walled, cup shaped structure that surrounds the glomerulus of each nephron that serves to initiate the filtering of blood
  2. Collection duct
    Series of ducts that collect urine from nephrons and move it to renal pelvis
  3. Distal convoluted tubule
    Tubule located between loop of Henle and collection tubules that is involved in Ca reabsorption and pH regulation
  4. Excretion
    Elimination of undesirable substance from the organism
  5. Glomerulus
    Small cluster of capillaries situated within the nephron that initiates the filtering of blood by kidney
  6. Kidney
    One of a pair of organs in the dorsal region of the vertebrate abdominal cavity, functioning to maintain proper water and electrolyte balance, regulate acid base concentration, and filter the blood of metabolic wastes and produces urine
  7. Loop of Henley
    U shaped portion of a renal tubule formed from between proximal and distal tubules where filtrate is concentrated
  8. Nephron
    Basic filtration unit of the kidney including capillaries and a series of ducts or filtration tubules
  9. Peritubular capillaries
    Capillaries that surround the tubules of the nephron that are important in reabsorption of molecules from the filtrate
  10. Proximal convulated tubule
    Minute reabsorptive canal lined with epithelium cells that receives filtrate from the bowmans capsule and functions in pH regulation and the reabsorption and secretion of various molecules
  11. Renal cortex
    Outer layer of kidney that contains portions of renal tubules, is responsible for ultrafiltration and is the site where erythropoietin is produced
  12. Renal artery
    Large vessel that arise from descending aorta that provides unfiltered blood to kidney for filtering
  13. Renal capsule
    Tough fibrous layer surrounding the kidney that provides protection from trauma and damage
  14. Renal column
    Cortical tissue of the kidney found between renal pyramids
  15. Renal hilum
    Recessed central fissure of the kidney that provides for blood vessels, nerves and ureter that enter and leave the kidney
  16. Renal medulla
    Inner area of kidney that contains nephrons responsible for maintaining Na and water balance of blood
  17. Renal pelvis
    Funnel shaped expansion of ureter that collects filtrate from nephrons
  18. Renal pyramid
    Cone shaped tissue found in the medulla of the kidney that contain filters and aids in transport of filtrate to ureter
  19. Renal vein
    Vessels that drain filtered blood from kidney and empties into inferior vena cava
  20. Ureter
    Long, narrow duct or tub that conveys urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder
  21. Urethra
    Duct or tube through which urine is discharged from the bladder in most mammals and through which semen is discharged in the male
  22. Urethral sphincter
    Striated muscle that serves to constricts the urethra
  23. Urinary Bladder
    Sac shaped muscular organ that stores the urine secreted by the kidneys
  24. Urinary system
    System that functions to eliminate or excrete metabolic waste and maintain fluid and electrolyte balance
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