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  1. What operas did we study?
    • L'Orfeo (Monteverdi)
    • Onontea (Cesti)
    • Armide (Lully)
    • Hippolyte et Ancie (Rameau)
  2. What changes occured in operas during the Baroque era?
    • meaning of the aria, recitative, and arioso
    • topic of operas (from mythical to historical content)
    • courts only to public venues
  3. What keyboard pieces did we study?
    • Toccata No. 3 (Frescobaldi)
    • Suite No. 3 in A minor (Jacquet de la Guerre)
    • Vingt cinquiéme ordre (Couperin)
    • Prelude & Fugue in A minor BMV 543 (JS Bach)
  4. How did keyboard music change during the Baroque era?
    • developed later than choral music
    • mean-tone became equal temperament
    • danses- "art dances"
    • development of keyboard suites
    • Jacquet de la Guerre (1st woman publish keyboard piece)
    • harpsichord becomes organ
    • early baroque era becomes stile brisé
  5. What instrumental ensemble pieces did we study?
    • Trio Sonata No. 3 (Corelli)
    • Violin Concerto in A minor, opus 3 (Vivaldi!)
  6. How did instrumental ensemble music change during the Baroque era?
    • the sonata: da chiesa (in church) da camera (not in church)
    • began using tempo markings
    • forms: ritornello form
  7. What is Monteverdi's history?
    • (1567-1590)
    • Born in Cremona. Worked in Mantua at age 23, moved to Venice at St. Mark's cathedral to replace Gabrielli.
    • His first opera wasOrfeo- librete strigio
  8. What styles did Monteverdi write in?
    madrigals (imitation, 2-5 voices, homophony, a capella, pastoral poetry) and operas (word painting, secunda practica, unprepared dissonance, chromatic mediants, monody)
  9. What is Handel's history?
    • born in Germany
    • began studies in Germany
    • finished studies in Italy, with Vivaldi, Corelli, and Scarlatti
    • gigged in London with opera
    • rest of career in London
    • wrote operas for Royal Academy
  10. What pieces did Handel handle?
    • Gulio Cesare (opera)
    • Saul (oratorio)
  11. What was Handel's style?
    • He hired the best singers (sopranos and castrados)
    • only opera seria! Roman history, 3 acts, happy endings
    • French overtures
    • English oratorios
    • imitation and homophony
    • exit arias (da capo aria)
  12. What is Bach's Baroque back-history?
    • (1685-1750)
    • Mühlausen- organist - 1707-1708
    • Weimar - organist - 1708-1717
    • Cöthen - princes chamber music - 1717-1723
    • Leipzig church music (cantatas) - 1723-1750
    • Italian, German, and French music all struck a chord w/Bach
    • known as performer, not composer
    • called cantatas: concertos, music, dialogues
  13. What pieces did Bach write?
    • Num komm, der Heiden Heiland - cantata
    • Prelude and "R"ugue in A Minor BMV 543
  14. What styles did Bach write in?
    cantatas, preludes, and fugues
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