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  1. what provides structure to the body and organs
    skeletal/ bones
  2. two joints that move in a multi-axial plane are
    shoulder and hip
  3. massage can activate the lymphatic system
  4. what action does the triceps brachii perform
    supination of the forearm at the radioulnar joint
  5. what is the diverticulitis a disease of
    large intestine
  6. the largest artery in the body
    the aorta
  7. what are the neurotransmitters
    chemical messengers
  8. what hormone does the pineal gland produce
  9. melatonin effects
    control the timing and release of female reproductive hormones. determine when a woman starts to menstruate, the frequency and duration of menstrual cycles, and when a woman stops menstruating menopause
  10. what is the most challenging skills in massage
    listening to our hands while we work and the ability to palpate and respond to the individual tissue variances
  11. hereditary information is stored in the _______ of a cel
  12. what connective tissue is strong in all directions
    dense, irregular, collagen fibres
  13. what is the most common cartilage on the body
  14. which layer of the skin acts as an energy storeghouse
  15. if your finger is bleeding, you know that the cut is at least as deep as the
  16. whare are adipose cells found
    in the hypodermis
  17. which joint is found between the radius and ulna in antebrachium
  18. what are the most common joints found in the body
  19. follow sequence, abdominal aorta, common iliac artery_______ femoral artery
    external artery
  20. a deficiency of dietary iodine results in the development
    thyroid problems
  21. which movement should be avoided for someone with a hip replacement
    abduction of the hip
  22. massage of muscle group would be effective in relieving sciatica
    gluteous group
  23. what cause poliomyelitis
    a viral infection
  24. tmj is a disorder of the ______ and the temporomandibular joints
    mastication muscles
  25. the mitral valve is also known as
    bicuspid valve
  26. what are the warts
    a contagious infection of the epidermis layer of the skin
  27. proper draping is a very important part of profecional business ethics why?
    it ensures your clients privacy and comfort
  28. can massage reduce pain?
    yes, reduce the cause behind pain stimulation
  29. when you roll a ball forward on the ground or a flat surface, what is the primary movement of the shoulder
  30. plantarflexion and dorsiflexion occurs in what plane
    anteriorposterior sagittal plane
  31. what action are the erector spinae muscles capable of
  32. what muscle of the transversospinalis group is found primarily on the cervical and upper thoracic spine
  33. transversospinalis group
    multifidi, rotatores, semispinalis capitis
  34. what type of joint in located between two adjacent vertebrae
  35. what is the layer of dense irregular connective tissue that is around all bones
  36. type 1 diabetes mellitus is characterized by
    deficiency of insulin production by beta cells within the pancreatic islet cells
  37. how many milligrams of magnesium should be consumed
    400 to 800 milligrams
  38. what are the 3 steps in helping your clients with chronic pain
    understand the emotional dimention of chronic pain, help your Cx realize other healing sources, create a safe space so your Cx feels safe
  39. on your intake form referencing pain with 0 being no pain and 10 being worse pain, can you also ask about
    emotional (psychological) pain true
  40. name the 5 types of scars
    hypertrophie, keloid, trama, surgical and burn
  41. what system is the key to restoring muscle memory
    circulatory system
  42. what are the most common joint problems that massage therapy treat
    osteortritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  43. for how long a rmt have to keep the records of a client older than 18
    10 years
  44. a self assesment document must be completed every, and the CEU
    3 years and submitted to the college
  45. attemping to treat a condition beyond a member competense level is consider
    professional misconduct
  46. if a candidate for the colege registration exams fails their have
    36 months after the failure to retake the examination
  47. referals must be made
    in the best interest of our clients
  48. if we ghave sugestion for our client we most
    live and follow the same recomendation
  49. if you employee another rmt and his license has suspended you can get charge with
    professional misconduct
  50. the RHPA regulate health professionals
    quiropractors, doctors, kinesiologist and massage therapys
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