history exam 4

  1. who was biddy mason?
    enslaved women who successfully sued for her freedom and becomae the 1st black homesteader in los angeles
  2. what was the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo
    ended the us-mexican war
  3. what was the gadsden purchase
    29,670 sq. miles of land purchased by the u.s. from mexico in 1853
  4. what was the impact of tejanos on texas
    cultural influence, dominating the cuisine, style of music, and architecture
  5. what was the yankee strip
    ran through northern ohio, indiana, and illinois, and encompassed the entire states of michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, . migrants from ne settled here
  6. why did the rural south white population state ethnically homogeneous
    slavery detered immigration to the south
  7. who was henry david thoreau
    writer who supported the abolition of slavery, universal dignity of all people in general. early enviromentlist
  8. who was walt witman
    wrote leaves of grass captured the restlesnss of a people on the move. maybe early enviromentalist
  9. who was maria stuart
    black boston preacher who denounced racial and gender prejudice for condeming all black women to a life of labor
  10. what was the seneca falls conference
    1st conference devoted to the staturs of women. protested the efforts of white men to exclude women from formal participation
  11. what was the declaration of sentiments
    list of grievances against women
  12. what was the wilmot proviso
    banned slavery from all land acquired as a result of the mexican war (not passed)
  13. what was the free soil party
    party who promoted a forthright no-slavery-in-the-territories policy and the wilmont proviso
  14. who was louis cass
    the father of popular soveriegnty
  15. what caused the destruction of the whig party
    the strain of kansas-nebraska act
  16. what was controversial about the kansas-nebrask act
    it repealed the missouri compromise of 1820
  17. who were the know nothings
    natavist american party, condemed growing political influences of immigrants. former whigs, limit political participation of all foriegn born men
  18. who was harriet beecher stowe
    author who wrote uncle tom's cabinet. introduced northernors to the sufferings of an enslaved couple/ severance of family ties
  19. who was john brown
    an abolitionist who with his sons hacked 5 men to death further raising tensions in kansas
  20. who was the first president of the confederacy
    jefferson davis
  21. what was the crittenden compromise
    a series of proposed constitutional amendments taht would have curtailed the gov't ability to restrict the interstate slave trade or sperad of slavery
  22. where was the first battle of the civil war
    bull run
  23. what caused the upper south to join the confederacy
    lincoln ordered a blockade of southern seaports they called it northern agression
  24. which border states remained in the union
    missouri, kentucky, maryland, deleware
  25. what was the confederate plan for winning the war
    fight a purely defensive war with small units of troops around the border. crush union armies that came into the confederacy
  26. what was the battle of bull run (manasis)
    30 miles away from d.c. union/ confederate armies meet for the 1st time on battle field. union flees confederate wins
  27. how did the confederacy finance the war
    floating bonds, raising taxes, 10% tax on farm produce, printed money @ extreme rate
  28. how did lincoln violate the constitution
    suspeneded the writ of habeaus corups; arresting/ keeping people in jail without charging them
  29. who was george mcclellan
    union general who turned back on the outskirts of richmond, showed the plan was a less forgiving approach toward the south; fired for incompetenct
  30. what happened at antietam
    bloodiest day of the war, claimed 20,000 lives and resulted in a union victory
  31. what was the emancipation proclamation and wat was its impact
    freed slaves in the confederacy, bolstered te north moral; allowed freedman to join union army
  32. what was the trent affair
    union naval forces intercepted a british packet shipand siezed 2 confederate diplomas; lincoln lets them go
  33. who was beinto juarez
    mexican president who aided the confederacy
  34. what was the 2nd confiscation act
    provided that slaves of rebel masters were free, prompting union geneals to begin employing runaway slaves
  35. what happened at chancellorsville
    jackson was mistakenly shot and killed by his own men and died
  36. who was belle boyd
    kept track of unio troop movements; and served as a spy for the confederate armies
  37. who were the copperheads
    northerners who had sympathy for the south
  38. who was david farragut
    admiral who won @ mobile, alabama, helped lincoln inthe election of 1864
  39. what caused the new york city draft riots
    enraged @ the weathly who bought substitutes, lincolns administration tacticts, black competitiors in the workplace
  40. who was john wilkes booth
    man who killed lincoln
  41. what was lincoln's plan for recostruction
    10 % plan
  42. what was the wade davis bill
    congressional plan;
  43. who led the radical republicans
    charles sumner, thadeus stevens
  44. what was the fate of many chinese women in california
    prostitute 6 out of ten 60%
  45. who was john muir
    naturalists who explored canyons / mountains of california
  46. what was known as sewards folly
    alaska purchase
  47. describe the compromise of 1877
    ended reconstruction with withdrawal of federal troops
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