Med/Surg II Final

  1. What does A1C measure and what is the normal value
    • 1) Measures compliance
    • 2) 4-6%
  2. Hypoglycemic shock is treated with ..
    2) Glucose
  3. What is the first treatment for DM?
    Weight reduction
  4. Excess ketone bodies will cause what acid base disorder?
    Metabolic Acidosis
  5. PCO2 of a patient in DKA?
    30 mmHg
  6. DKA drives Potassium in what direction?
    It drives K+ up
  7. Administration of insulin to a DKA patient will cause the patients K+ to ..
    go down
  8. DM patients with diaphoresis are at risk for a sudden onset of ..
    hypoglycemic shock
  9. Optimal blood sugar for critical illness is
    Less than 150
  10. Actions of insulin are ..
  11. Symptom of hypoglcemic
    Mental confusion
  12. DKA will cause rapid or slow respirations?
  13. Kussmaul breathing is hypo or hyperventilation and what acid base disorder will it cause?
    • 1) Hyperventilation
    • 2) Metabolic acidosis
  14. DKA drives potassium in or out of the cell?
    Out of the cell

    (K+ goes up because it leaves the cell; treatment will make it go back into the cell)
  15. Cause of respiratory acidosis
    Lactic acid production
  16. If you hypoventilate you retain an acid .. this will make you
  17. Antidiuretic hormone is decreased in ..
    Brain death and diabetes sipidus
  18. SIADH and DM causes too much or not enough ADH?
    Too much
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