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  1. comparative adjectives
    • positive degree - vir beatus (a happy man)
    • comparative degree - vir beatior (a happier man)
    • superlative degree - vir beatissimus (the happiest man)
  2. formation of comparatives & superlatives
    • the positie degree is learnedf rom the vocab
    • the comparative and superlative forms of reg adj add suffixes to the base of the positive:

    • positive............comparative.......superlative
    • carus, a, um......carior, ius........carissimus, a, um
    • longus, a, um....longior, ius.....longissimus, a, um
    • felix..................felicior, ius.....felicissimus, a, um
  3. comparative
    • M/F
    • carior (dearer), longior (longer), fortior (braver)

    • N
    • carius (dearer), longius (longer), fortius (braver)
  4. declension of comparatives, M/F
    • comparatives are two-ending adjectives of the 3rd decl.
    • but are not i-stems
    • M/F.........
    • fortior.......fortiores
    • fortioris.....fortiorum
    • fortiori......fortioribus
    • fortiorem...fortiores
    • fortiore.....fortioribus
  5. declension of comparatives, N
    two-ending adjectives of the 3rd decl, but not i-stems

    • N
    • fortius...........fortiora
    • fortioris.........fortiorum
    • fortiori..........fortioribus
    • fortius...........fortiora
    • fortiore..........fortioribus
  6. usage/translation
    • comparitives may be translated with either more, or -er
    • superlatives with either most, or -est

    • the comparatie may have the force of rather, or too
    • lux clarior - a rather bright light
    • vita eius erat brevior - her life was too short

    • the superlative may be translated with very, esp when comparing to what is usual or ideal
    • vita eius erat brevissimus
    • his/her life was very short
  7. quam w/ comparatives
    when quam follows a comparative, it is a coordinating conj. meaning than linking to things being compared

    • eg. Hi libri sunt clariores quam illi.
    • These books are more famous than those.
  8. quam w/ superlatives
    when quam preceeds a superlative, it functions adverbially indicating that the person/thing has the greatest possible degree of this quality.

    • eg. Amicus meus erat vir quam iucundissimus.
    • My friend was the most pleasant man.
  9. ablative of comparison
    when the element being compared was nominative or accusative, quam was often omitted and the second element followed in the ablative.

    • Consilia tua sunt clariora luce.
    • Your plans are clearer than light.

    (cf. Consilia tua sunt clariora quam lux, which means the same thing)
  10. dinner
    cena, cenae, f.
  11. marketplace, forum
    forum, fori, n,
  12. law, statute
    lex, legis, f.
  13. threshold
    limen, liminis,n.
  14. light
    lux, lucis, f.
  15. table; dining; dish, course
    mensa, mensae, f.
  16. night
    nox, noctis, f.
  17. SLEEP
    somnus, somni, m
  18. dream
    somnium, somnii,n.
  19. indef pronoun: a certain one/thing, someone something

    adj - a certain, some
    • quidam, quaedam, quiddam (prnoun) quoddam (adj)
    • gen. (cuiusdam, dat. cuidam)
  20. modest, chaste
    pudicus, pudica, pudicum
  21. arrogant, overbearing, haughty, proud, bully
    superbus, superba, superbum
  22. sad, sorrowful; joyless, grim, severe
    tristis, triste (3rd decl adj in 2)
  23. ugly, shameful, base, disgraceful
    turpis, turpe (3rd decl adj in two)
  24. of the city, urban; urbane, elegant
    urbanus, urbana, urbanum
  25. in front of, before
    prae, prep + abl.
  26. than, as....as possible
  27. only
    tantum, adv
  28. to entertain, invite, summon
    invito, invitare, invitavi, invitatum (1)
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