Mgt 304 Ch 14

  1. Organizational Culture
    System of shared beliefs that distinguish an org. How we do thing around here
  2. External Adaptation
    • Methods of coping with success and failure
    • Knowing ways of reaching golas
  3. Internal integration
    • - The creation of a collective identiry
    • - Finding ways of working and living together
  4. Core Values in Culture (elements of culture)
    • Innovation
    • Risk Taking- Value/encouragement or risk
    • Stability Predictability/rule orientation
    • People orientation
    • Outcome Orientation
    • Aggressiveness/Easigoingness
    • Attention to Detail
    • Collaborative Orientation
    • Openness to communication options
  5. Espoused Values
    • Represent the explicitly stated values and norms that are preferred by an organization
    • Aspirations do not always produce the desired behaviors
  6. Core Values
    The primary values that are accepted throughout the organization
  7. Subculture
    Cultures existing in parts of an organization rather than throughout the organization
  8. Counterculture
    Groups whose values outwardly reject those of the larger organization
  9. Ways achrieve shared values
    • Reinforce Corporate Identity
    • Enhance Collective Commitment
    • Provide a Stable Social Systems
    • Reduce Bureacratic Control
  10. Characteristics of Strong Cultures
    • Rituals and ceremonies
    • Well understood informal rules
    • A belief that what employees and managers do is important
  11. Culture as a Liability
    • Barriers to Change
    • Barriers to Diversity
    • Trying to change people's values from the top down
  12. Innovation
    The process of creating new ideas and putting them into practice
  13. Innovation Process
    • Idea Creation
    • Initial Experimentation
    • Feasibility Determination
    • Final application
  14. Innovation- Continual Process Exploration and Exploitation
    1. Focuses on the refinement of and reuse of exhisting products

    2. Calls for freedom and radical thinking for change
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