GCSE Physics

  1. electromagnetic waves are all ..... waves
  2. all types of electromagnetic waves
    travel at the same speed this is 300,000,000 m/s
  3. electromagnetic radiations travel as waves and move energy from one place to another . the waves cover a continuos range of wavelenghts called the
    electromagnetic spectrum
  4. rebecca made igloos like
    • radio waves
    • microwaves
    • infra red
    • visible light
  5. place infra red , visible light , microwaves and radio waves in order of their frequency , energy and wavelength with the lowest frequency and energy first and the longest wavelength first
    • energy = radiowaves , microwaves , infra red rays , visible light
    • frequency = radio waves , microwaves , infra red rays , visible light
    • wavelength = radio waves , mircowaves , infrared rays , visible light
  6. radio waves are used for
    communication , mainly to trasnmitt radio (including bluetooth) and terrestrial (freeview) Tv programmes
  7. what are microwaves used for
    • mircowaves radiation is also used for communication and radar . It can pass through the earths atmosphere and is used to send information to and from satellite (includes sattelite Tv (sky)) , and within mobile phone netawroks .
    • Microwave radiation is also strongly absorbed by water molecules and is used for heating
  8. what is the hazard with mircowaves
    microwaves are absrobed by water in cells , which may be damaged or killed by the heat released , so people are worried that by using mobile phones to often you could develop brain damage
  9. what is infared radiation used for
    infrared radiation is used in grils and toasters . it is also used for remote controls of Tv sets and voice recorders (VCR's) and in optical fribres
  10. what is visible light used for
    visible light is not only used for seeing (communication) and photography but can also be sent along optical fibres for example in endoscopes used by doctors to see inside pateients' bodies
  11. device type of radiation use
    electric cooker grill 1 2
    night sight camera 3 4
    satellite dish reciever 5 6
    Tv ariel 7 8
    • 1 = infrared
    • 2 = cooking
    • 3 = infared
    • 4 = to see in the dark
    • 5 = microwaves
    • 6 = sky tv
    • 7 = radio waves
    • 8 = terrestrial Tv
  12. ...... is next to visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum
  13. ...... electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light through a vacuum
  14. ...... electromagnetic waves are transverse waves
  15. ........ are used for Tv remote controls
  16. ...... are used to send information to satellites
  17. ....... are used to send information within mobile pjone networks
  18. ...... are given out by hot objects
  19. ............. are detected by night vision camers
  20. .......... are absorbed by water molecules in food and living cells
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