practice exam 4

  1. a frameshift mutation in a gene encoding a protien
    result in the production of a nonfunctional peptide
  2. translation
    • a single mRNA have several ribosomes attached
    • language of nucleotides is changed to language of amino acids
    • there are three stop codons
    • molecule of tRNA can bind to both an mRNA and an amino acid
  3. transformation is the
    transfer of DNA from a donor to a recipient by naked DNA in a solution
  4. enzymes reqired for DNA replication
    • DNA polymerase
    • DNA ligase
    • RNA polymerase
    • helicase
  5. DNA polymerase
    makes a molecule of DNA from a DNA template
  6. DNA ligase
    joins segments of DNA
  7. RNA polymerase
    makes a molecule of RNA from a DNA template
  8. genetic change in bacteria can be brough about by
    • mutation
    • conjugation
    • transduction
    • transformation
    • not: transcription
  9. Chemical 5-bromouracil
    mutagen becuase it is similar in structure but not base pairing ability to thymine
  10. pro-ala-gly
  11. central dogma
    • involving information transfer in cells
    • replication
    • translation
    • transcription
    • not: transformation
  12. inducible enzyme
    enzyme produced in response to the presence of a substrate like lactose
  13. if the template is from a human cell
    dna synthesized would be most similar to human DNA
  14. a mutation will result in
    • a change in the DNA sequence
    • a change in the amino acid sequence
  15. DNA polymerase requires
    • a 3' -OH nucleotide primer
    • RNA polymerase doesent
  16. involved in translation
    • ribosome
    • anitcodon
    • messenger RNA
    • start codo AUG
    • not:inducer
  17. damage caused by UV radiation
    results in the formation of thymine dimers
  18. a plasmid cleaved with ECORI can recombine
    with another plasmid that has been digested with ecoRI
  19. missense mutation
    causes the least amount of change in a gene
  20. retro viruses
    have reverse transcriptase
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