Science - Force & Work

  1. What is force?
    This is a push or pull that can change the speed, the direction or the shape of the body
  2. List examples of force



  3. State the unit used to measure force
    Newton (N)
  4. What is gravity?
    Gravity is the force that pulls things towards the earth
  5. What is weight?
    The weight of an object is the force of gravity acting on it
  6. State the unit used to measure weight
    Newton (N)
  7. What instrument is used to measure weight?
    Spring balance
  8. Explain what is meant by the term friction
    Friction is the force that slows down moving things
  9. Give examples of friction
    Tyres use friction to grip the road

    Brakes use friction to slow down cars
  10. State a way to reduce friction

  11. Give an advantage of friction
    Friction slows things down eg. brakes on a car use friction to slow the wheels down
  12. State a disadvantage of friction
    Friction between surfaces can wear them away eg. it can wear brake pads down
  13. Explain Hooke's Law
    This states that the extension of a spring is directly proportional to the force that is stretching it
  14. What is work?
    Work is when a force makes something moves
  15. State the unit used to measure work
    Joule (J)
  16. What is power?
    Power is how fast work is done
  17. State the unit used to measure power
    Watt (W)
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