Scientific Revolution

  1. The Scientific Revolution
    • -1543-1795
    • -changed the way Europeans viewed the world
    • -new questions being asked/old traditions being questioned
  2. Ptolemy
    • -"Geocentric Theory"= the earth is the center of the universe
    • -helped 16th century people to understand the universe
  3. Aristotle
    -it is made up of "Earth, Air, & Fire"
  4. True or False
    The theories of Ptolemy & Aristotle were supported by the church?
    • -TRUE -
    • the church accepted these men's theories and they werte not challenged till Nicholas Copernicus
  5. Nicholas Copernicus
    • -"The Heliocentric Theory"
    • -said that the sun is the center of the universe and everything else moves around it in orbit
    • -challenged the theories of the church -both Catholic & Protestant Church denounced this
    • -Martin Luther says he is a fool
  6. Tycho Brahe
    • -tries to find a compromise between Copernicus & Poltemy
    • -"the moon and sun revlove around the earth & every other planet revolves around the Earth"
  7. Johannes Kelper
    -says plantes revolve around the sun in an elliptical rather than a circular orbit
  8. Galileo Galilei
    • -agreed w/ "Heliocentric Theory"
    • -says you cannot look to Bible for things related to science = church orders him to recant= excommunicated
  9. Sir Issac Newton
    • -called greatest person of Scientific Revolution
    • -"Principa"= answers question of gravity
  10. Sir Francis Bacon
    • -came up with "Scientific Theory"
    • -aka scientific method
  11. Rene Descartes
    • -came up with deductive reasoning (general to specific)
    • -"Cogito Ergo Sum" "I think, therefore I am"
    • -proving the existance of God
  12. True or False
    Most fields of medicine came about b/c of Scientific Revolution?
    • -TRUE -
    • many men started to ask questions about the human body
  13. Andreas Ve Sailus
    -wrote a textbook about human anatomy by dissecting a body
  14. William Harvey
    demonstrated how the heart pumps blood through the body
  15. True or False
    Because of the new Scientific knowledge, religious beliefs started to suffer?
    • -TRUE -
    • men started discovering things= question belief of God
  16. Benedict de Spinoza
    • -"God is not simply the creator of the universe, he IS the universe"
    • -panthesim-
    • God is everythere
  17. Blaze Pascal
    • -wanted to keep SCIENCE & CHRISTIANITY together
    • -"Christian religion not contrary to reason"
    • -"Pensees"=reason can only take you so far= God is experienced be the heart= faith is the final step
  18. Cervantes
    • -Spanish writer
    • -"Don Quioxte"= makes a funny comedy about chivalry
  19. William Shakespeare
    -wrote about all aspects of life-best work of the time-uses engilsh language in a way never before known
  20. European Society (just an overall description, not a question)
    • -polulation grows
    • -families glue of society-newborn had 1 in 4 chance of survival-few adults lived long enough to see their grandchildren
    • -witchcraft was now in full swing-people drank beer & wine-ate bread-ate sweets-best diet
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