Renaissance Ap European History

  1. Renaissance
    (rebirth) Distinct awakening from the darkness of the Middle Ages. Included advances in Art and the standard way of living during the 15th and 16th century
  2. The Major City-States of Italy
    • Republic of Florence
    • Republic of Genoa
    • Duchy of Milan
    • Rome, the papal states
    • Napels, Kingdom of the two Sicilies
    • Venice, Venician Republic
  3. Secularism
    The belief that life was more than a preperation for the there after.
  4. Humanism
    • Literary movement that was truely modern in that a class of non clerical writers concerning with secular issues
    • Patrarch 1304-1374 first modern writer
  5. Giovanni de Medici
    • Merchant, Banker of Florence. Founder of the dynast and died in 1429
    • Ruled Duchy of Tuscany
  6. Cosimo de Medici
    • Son of Giovanni. Unofficial ruler of the republic (1389-1464)
    • Duchy of Tuscany
  7. Lorenzo the Magnificent
    • (1449-1492)
    • Cosimo's granson, Republics ruler
    • Personified a Renaissance attitude
    • Duchy of Tuscany
  8. Individualism
    Concerns for self and own pursuit
  9. Creaters of important architecture
    • Filippo Brunelleschi(1377-1446) and Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472)
    • Studied roman buildings to build cathedrals
  10. Lorenzo Ghiberti
    (1378-1455) Created the bronze doors of Florence
  11. Leonardo da Vinci
    • (1452-1519) Painter, sculptor, Achitect,Engineer,Writer and Scientist
    • Mona lisa and Last Supper
  12. Baldassare Castiglione
    1478-1529 The Book of the Courtier (How a gentlman should be trained)
  13. Niccolo Machiavelli
    • 1469-1527 The Prince 1513
    • How to create a stable government
  14. Northern Renaissance
    • Included Germany, England, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland
    • Religion was more emphisised
    • Christian Humanism-Based research on Hebrew and Greek texts.
  15. Germany
    • Economy thrived and banking expanded(controlled more capital than Italian Banks)
    • Printing Press-popularized by Johann Gutenberg
    • -caused a reading revolution
  16. Copernicus
    • 1473-1543 Upset the time-honored geo-centric view
    • Offered proof of a heliocentric system
  17. Imitation of Christ
    • Tomas a Kempis(1380-1471)
    • Pursued religious depth rather than rebellion
  18. Desiderius Erasmus
    • (1456-1536) The Christian Gentleman
    • The Praise of Folly- Model of practical christian behavior
  19. England
    • Fostered by Elizabeth I 1558-1603
    • Introduced an era of intense nationalism
  20. William Shakespeare
    • 1564-1616 Reflected influence of dramatist(playwriter/poet)
    • Set a standard for the english language
  21. France
    Hundred Years War 1337-1453, strengthened the monarchy of france by a renewal of commerce which enriched the middle class
  22. Rabelais
    1494-1553 a preist and classicalist, attacked the failings of French society and the church
  23. Spain
    reached their height of expansion in the 16th century
  24. Jan van Eyck
    • 1385-1441 Dutch painter of the 15th century
    • Know for his symbolic oil paintings with meticulous detail that focused of religious themes
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