Science - The Reproductive System

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  1. Define sexual reproduction
    This involves the fusion of a male gamete (sperm) and a female gamete (egg)
  2. What is puberty?
    This is the time when hormones cause changes in the body
  3. List two changes that take place in boys during puberty
    Testes start to make sperm

    Voice deepens
  4. List two changes that take place in girls during puberty
    Breasts develop

    Hips widen
  5. What is the menstrual cycle?
    This is a series of changes that happen in the womb every month.

    It usually lasts for 28 days
  6. What is fertilisation?
    Fertilisation is the fusion of the sperm and the egg to form a zygote
  7. Where does fertilisation occur?
    Fallopian tube
  8. What is the menopause?
    This happens around the age 45-50 when a woman stops making eggs and her periods stop
  9. Explain what is meant by the fertile period
    This is the time in the menstrual cycle when a woman is most likely to get pregnant
  10. What is implantation?
    This is when the fertilised egg attaches to the lining of the womb
  11. State the function of the placenta
    This is the organ that joins the mother to the baby in the womb.

    It feeds the baby in the womb and removes the waste
  12. List two ways to prevent pregnancy occurring
    The pill

  13. Image Upload 1
    Identify the part labelled A
  14. Identify the part labelled B
    Image Upload 2
    Sperm duct
  15. Identify the part labelled C
    Image Upload 3
  16. Image Upload 4
    Identify the part labelled D
  17. Image Upload 5
    Identify the part labelled E
    Fallopian tube
  18. Identify the part labelled F
    Image Upload 6
  19. Identify the part labelled G
    Image Upload 7
  20. Image Upload 8
    Identify the part labelled H
  21. State the function of the bladder
    To make urine
  22. State the function of the testis
    To make sperm
  23. State the function of the ovary
    To make eggs
  24. State the function of the uterus (womb)
    To hold the baby for 9 months
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