Great Gastby Vocab #2

  1. inept
    lack of competence or judgment
  2. rent
    to tear violently, to split
  3. indignant
    anger as a result of something unjust
  4. poignant
    piercing, incisive, and keen
  5. insolent
    insulting or contemptuous behavior
  6. disconcerting
    upsetting, frustrating
  7. elicit
    bring out a response, to evoke
  8. somnambulist
    a sleep walker
  9. juxtapose
    to place closer together or side by side
  10. wan
    very pale and sickly
  11. obstinate
    unyielding regardless of reason or logic
  12. vestige
    remnants, traces, remains
  13. scanty
    less than or barely sufficient, meager
  14. nebulous
    lacking clarity of feature or sharpness of outline
  15. laud
    to praise, to extol
  16. insidious
    treacherous or dangerous in a secret sort of way
  17. ineffable
    incapable of being expressed in speech or words
  18. reverie
  19. ingratiate
    to make an effort to gain good favor with someone
  20. euphemism
    substitution of an inoffensive term for one that is offensive
  21. menagerie
    a collection of live wild animals on exhibition, a varied mixture
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Great Gastby Vocab #2