Pharm V

  1. What does the immune system do?
    fights off the foreign invaders that are constantly attacking the body

    Also fights against its own cells that can become cancerous

    The system can also attack itself and cause autoimmune diseases or immune-mediated diseases
  2. What do Immunosupressant drugs decrease or prevent?
    • an immune response
    • suppresses the immune system
  3. What are immunosuppressant drugs used for?
    Used for rejection therapy after an organ transplant

    Used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  4. What do immunosuppressant drugs do?
    They suppress certain lymphocyte (T-cells) cell lines
  5. What does Cyclosporine intract with
    Has a profound interaction with many drugs GRAPEFRUIT JUICE of any form
  6. What does Cyclosporine do ?
    Increases serum levels
  7. WHat are cyclosporines used for?
    • Used for the prevention of organ rejection
    • Can be used for arthritis, psoriasis, IBD
  8. What are Imuran and Cellcept used for?
    Used for prophylaxis for organ rejection
  9. what can Imuran and Cellcept be given in combo with
    May be given in combo with cyclosporine and corticosteroids
  10. How are the s/e of Imuran and Cellcept?
    Side effects can be numerous
  11. Imuran and Cellcept
  12. What are some side effects of CYCLOSPORINE?
    • moderate hypertension
    • Neurotoxicity including tremors
    • Hepatotoxicity with cholelithiasis and hyperbilirubiemia Nephrotoxicity
    • Gingival hyperplasia
  13. what do you assess for cyclosporine?
    • Check renal function and urinary function
    • Liver function, is there jaundice, edema or ascites
    • Check cardiofunction, any history of dysrythmias, hypertension
    • CNS baseline, seizure history
    • Respiratory assessment
  14. what do you do if WBC drop when taking Cyclosporine?
    if WBC’s drop below 3K, stop medication
  15. When do you check labs when giving immunnosuppression agents?
    before, during and after therapy
  16. What form of immunossuppression meds do you try to give 1st?

    Oral before IM

    to decrease risk of infection that is common with IM injections
  17. WHen should antifungals be given?
    Oral antifungals should be given together with immunosupressants to treat oral candidiasis which is common
  18. what should pt's do if they find any early signs of infection or illness?
    call Dr
  19. how long after using immunosuppressants should women use birth control?
    }Women on immunosupressants- use birth control for up to 12 weeks after therapy is completed
  20. what should pt's taking oral cyclosorines do to avoid GI upset?
    take with CHOCOLATE MILK or with MEALS!!
  21. what kind of med is METHOTREXATE considered?
    CA med
  22. What kind of CA is methotrexate used for?
    Used for solid tumors in the breast, head, neck, lungs,

    for lymphocytic leukemia
  23. other CA what is mehotrexate starting to be used for?
    • can be used for rheumatoid arthritis, SLE
    • has immunosuppressant activity-
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