OIANs elbow/forearm

  1. brachialis
    O- distal half of humerus, anterior surface

    I- coronoid process and ulnar tuberosity of the ulna

    A- elbow flexion

    N- musculocutaneous n.
  2. biceps brachii
    O- scapula: long head, supraglenoid tubercle, short head, coracoid process

    I- radial tuberosity of radius

    A- elbow flexion, forearm supination, shoulder flexion

    N- musculocutaneous n.
  3. brachioradialis
    O- lateral supracondylar ridge on humerus

    I- styloid process of radius

    A- elbow flexion

    N- radial n.
  4. triceps brachii
    O- longhead: infraglenoid tubercle of scapula; lateral head: inferior to greater tubercle on posterior humerus; medial head: posterior surface of humerus

    I- olecranon process of ulna

    A- elbow extension

    N- radial n.
  5. anconeus
    O- lateral epicondyle of humerus

    I- lateral and inferior to olecranon process of ulna

    A- not a prime mover in jt. action (keeps anular lig. from being pinched, stabilizes for pro/supination)

    N- radial n.
  6. pronator teres
    O- medial epicondyle of humerus and coronoid process of ulna

    I- lateral aspect of radius at its midpoint

    A- forearm pronation, assistive in elbow flexion

    N- median n.
  7. pronator quadratus
    O- distal fourth of ulna

    I- distal fourth of radius

    A- forearm pronation

    N- medial n.
  8. supinator
    O- lateral epicondyle of humerus and adjacent ulna

    I- anterior surface of the proximal radius

    A- forearm supination

    N- radial n.
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