1. What was Plato's definition of justice?
    • harmony
    • everything in proportion and balance
  2. What was Aristotle's definition of justice?
    means b/t extremes
  3. What was the Stoic's definition of justice?
    • deduced that every human being had a measure of intellect
    • the stupidest human being has infinitely more intellect than a rock or animal
    • every person has this divine quality and should be treated with respect
  4. What is justice according to the Church?
    10 Commandments are what God says the natural law is
  5. What is Aquina's definition of justice?
    revelation and reason
  6. What did Bentham, Utilitarianism, and Austin think about justice?
    • they didn't like anything above the law judging the application of the law
    • justice meant the law was fairly applied and that is all
  7. Was Bentham interested in justice?
    • no he was interested in good and bad
    • good laws produce pleasure
    • bad laws produce pain
  8. What was Rawls interested in?
    • justice which is fairness
    • everyone in the group got the best shot that they can get
  9. What does justice mean to lawyers?
    • trying to find the best balance of values that you can get (like Plato's harmony)
    • means mroe than that the law is applied
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