Vocab 2.5

  1. Allege
    Declare or assert
  2. arraign
    call before a court, summon to trial
  3. felony
    major crime
  4. imprison
    put in prison
  5. arraignment
    formal reading of criminal complaint
  6. alleged
  7. bail
    bond guaranteeing return for trial
  8. docket
    calendar of cases to be tried
  9. acquit
  10. bequeath
    give or bestow in one's will
  11. intestate
    death without a will
  12. probate
    testing by the court
  13. disburse
    pay out, expend (money)
  14. reimburse
    pay back
  15. bourse
    stock exchange in Paris
  16. bursar
    treasurer in college
  17. encroach
    intrude, trespass
  18. invade
    move in like an army
  19. infringe
    violate someone's rights, especially copyright
  20. Presume
    take it upon oneself to say or do something not ordinarily permissible
  21. arrogate
    seize boldly
  22. exonerate
    clear from blame or guilt
  23. absolve
    release without consequence by requiring penance or granting forgiveness
  24. acquit
    clearing of charge after proving innocence
  25. exculpate
    free from blame due to lack of guilt or justified actions
  26. incriminate
    involve or implicate in a crime
  27. discrimination
    skill or prejudice in observing differences
  28. recrimination
    counter accusation
  29. actuary
    insurance analyst and statistician
  30. actuate
    put in operation
  31. actualize
    carry out
  32. activate
    begin using
  33. counteract
    act against
  34. alibi
    claim of having been elsewhere when an offence was committed; excuse in general speech
  35. debenture
    interest-bearing bond, voucher of indebtedness
  36. debit
    sum owed in bookkeeping or bills
  37. deficit
    amount by which a sum of money falls short of what is expected or needed
  38. increment
    an increase (usually at specific intervals)
  39. appreciation
    growth in value
  40. libel
    written or printed defamation
  41. slander
    spoken defamation, false report, damaging statements
  42. calumny
    defamation, making false misrepresentations
  43. litigation
    lawsuit or legal dispute
  44. litigious
    affinity for starting or prolonging lawsuit
  45. option
    choice or a right of choice
  46. solvency
    ability to meet all financial obligations
  47. bereavement
    loss or desolation, especially by death
  48. liabilities
    dangers one must face, like money owed
  49. fiscal
  50. condolence
    formal expression of sympathy
  51. compassion
    pity or sympathy, with an urge to help
  52. commiseration
    strong sympathy expressed in a more personal and intimate manner than condolence
  53. dirge
    funeral hymn, song or poem of grief
  54. requiem
    musical composition or dirge for the repose of the dead
  55. obituary
    death notice, usually in a newspaper
  56. necrology
    list of deceased persons
  57. epitaph
    tombstone inscription
  58. mausoleum
    large tomb built above ground
  59. sepulcher
    tomb (less imposing than a mausoleum)
  60. cenotaph
    empty tomb, honor to someone buried elsewhere
  61. sarcophagus
    stone coffin, usually with an enscription
  62. interment
  63. cremation
    reduction of a body to ashes
  64. bequeath
  65. disinter/exhume
    remove from underground
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