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    Magnolia grandiflora

    Southern Magnolia

    Zone 7

    Big flowers! white flower grows on large tree grown commonly in the S. blooms year round, med. growth rate, street tree, deep shiny waxy green leaves, very adaptive to soil conditions. Underside of leaf is coppery color. Grows 60-80' high and spreads 30-50'
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    Chorisia speciosa

    Floss Silk tree

    Zone 9

    Green spikey bark, semi deciduous, flowers and leaves alternate in the spring, lots of leaflets, palmate leaflet system, flowers in white or pink. Grows 30-40' high and wide.
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    Tibouchina urvilleana

    Princess flower

    Zone 9

    Cool leaves with grey fuzz all over with a red edge to it, purple shaded flowers, Blooms yr. round don't bloom well inside, Specimin for flower and leaf. Used for grouping. Grows 5-10' high and wide.
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    Melaleuca spp.


    Zone 8

    Lots of species, bark is unique and flakes off in big papery sheets, and is super spongey and soft, greyish white bark, xeric, comes from australia, laurel-like leaf, ugly white flower, illegal to grow in florida. Grows 20-40 ft. tall and 10-20 ft. spread.
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    Abies concolor

    White fir

    Zone 4

    Single needles curve away and point up green or blueish, 2" needles. Cones are blueish. Grows 40-50'tall and spreads 20-30'.
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    Abies lasciocarpa

    Alpine fir

    Zone 2

    Short flat needles, 2 rows of blue lines under the needle, tastes christmasy, grows straight up, 1/2"-1" needle, when mature in the landscape, grows to 50-60' tall and 10-20' spread. Used for framing or as a background tree, cones are purple and grow at the top of the tree. In the wild can grow up to 100' tall.
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    Abies koreana

    Korean fir

    Zone 4

    Super curved with a super white underside color, cones are a greenish grey, Specimin for white needle. Grows 20-30' tall and spreads 10-15'.
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    Araucaria heterophylla

    Norfolk Island pine

    Zone 9

    seen often as a house plant, also known as the star pine. Specimin for its habit, textrue and needle. Cone is a funky spikey ball kind of like a pineapple. Needles grow upwards and branches form an airy starry shape. Grows 50-70' tall and spreads 20-30'.
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    Araucaria bidwilli

    Bunya-bunya tree

    Zone 8

    Drops all foliage in the middle of the branch and holds onto the awls on the ends. Massive cones, tree trunk has a folded wrinkly appearance, Awls are very sharp (flat and comes to a very sharp point), specimin for habit, looks like a dinosaur sort of tree. Grows 50-80' tall and spreads 20-30'.
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    Araucaria araucana

    Monkey puzzle tree

    Zone 7

    Made up of sharp awls which it doesn't drop. Wrinkly foldy trunk. Specimin for appearance, spikey ball cone. Grows 50-70' tall and spreads 20-30'.
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    Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

    Kinnikinick (Bear berry)

    Zone 2

    Low ground cover shrub used in warm and cold areas- very adaptable. White bell-shaped blossoms, fruits in red berries (edible but not tasty) pinky nail sized leaves (tiny). Blossoms in the spring and fruits in the summer. Grows 6-12" tall and spreads 3-4'.
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    Larix decidua

    European Larch

    Zone 3

    Needles bush out of spur, needles bright green when first emerge, soft. In fall turns yellow and falls out. Small papery cones, pink colored when cones first comes out. Grows 70-80' tall and spreads 20-30'.

    also a weeping one and a siberian variety
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    Mahonia aquifolium 'Compacta'

    Dwarf Oregon Grape

    Zone 5

    Shrub, shiny leaves (the whole branch is a leaf with leaflets called pinnate leaf) kinda sharp, fruits (edible but really gross) Produces yellow flowers in spring and purple blue fruits in summer. Used for infill or hedging (not a formal sheared hedge), Like low light a lot, if gets too much light leaves turn bronzish (which it does in the winter anyway). Grows 3-6' high and wide.
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    Mahonia repens

    Creeping Oregon Grape

    Zone 4

    Used as infill and groundcover, same flowers and fruit as other oregon grape, leaves are not as shiny. Grows 1-1.5' tall and spreads 2-3'.
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    Mahonia bealei

    Leather leaf Mahonia

    Zone 6

    Has a fern look, is tall and narrow, clusters of growth, pninneate leaf 12" long, cardboard texture, stiff and sharp, purple fruit in summer and yellow flowers in spring. Grows 6-8' tall and spreads 3'.
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    Pseudotsuga menziesii

    Douglas fir

    Zone 4

    Very large tree can grow up to 200+' in the wild, used as a background tree, most common inexpensive christmas tree, unlike other firs, doesn't bud in groups of three, soft cones, cone scales have extra tail (bracks) coming out of them. Grows 40-60' tall and spreads 20' (in landscape)
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