1. Inner Mongolia is in which country?
  2. Why is Central Asia's environment relatively clean?
    very few people live in this region = few environmental problems
  3. Which body of water has shrunk considerably?
    Aral Sea
  4. Migration in Western China?
    Han Chinese (from East moving to West)
  5. In which Central Asian country is life expectancy lowest?
  6. Most of the peope who have migrated out of Kazakhstan since the break-up of the Soviet Union are of what ethnicity; where are they going; why are they going there?
    Russian people ; back to Russia ; Because of the language -> back to native country where life is better
  7. In what kind of physical feature are many languages often found in a small area?
  8. In Central Asia just before the 1700s, what developments changed the balance of power and allowed the sedentary agricultural states to conquer the nomads (p. 306)?
    Developement of gunpowder and weapons
  9. Where does the Dalai Lama live? Where does he want to live?
    India wants to live in Tibet (Buddhist religion)
  10. Which Central Asian countries were never part of the U.S.S.R.?
    Afghanistan , Mongolia
  11. The most densely settled part of Central Asia is which fertile valley?
    Fergana Valley
  12. The Three Gorges Controversy
    Yangtze River -> generate electricity, prevent flooding, move people from home = expensive
  13. Erosion on the Loess Plateau
    Eroding into the Yellow River -> has a lot of sediment +keeps flooding ->rises(elevation) of the river
  14. Pollution exporting
    Build factory in another country = less pollution in their country
  15. Which country in East Asia has the strongest forest preservation efforts?
  16. What agricultural product does Japan NOT import?
  17. Population density in Japan?
    very densely populated -> suburbs, cities
  18. The Chinese writing system?
    ideographic symbols ->not sound
  19. Shintoism is most prevalent in which country?
  20. Feng Shui
    Chinese / Korean practice of constructing buildings (luck)
  21. Ethnicity of the Han?
    majority of China -> Chinese
  22. Which regions did the Japanese Empire include?
    SW Asian countries (N and S Korea, Coastal China, N China, SE Asia, islands in Pacific)
  23. Which country colonized Hong Kong?
    (British) Britian
  24. Economic growth in North vs. South Korea
    very isolated vs better economically
  25. Which country has a "one-child policy"?
  26. In which country is the world's largest river delta?
  27. Which physical feature is needed for orographic rainfall to occur?
    Indian Mountains -> air cools can't hold much water
  28. Monsoons
    seasonal change in wind direction
  29. What environmental issue threatens the Maldives?
    Global warming (rising sea levels)
  30. With which country is the caste system most associated?
    India - hinduism
  31. Which religion dominates in Pakistan and Bangladesh?
  32. How were India's states organized?
    by language
  33. In which part of India are Indo-European languages most likely to be spoken?
    Northern part
  34. From which country did Bangladesh gain its independence in 1971?
  35. Both India and Pakistan claim which territory?
  36. Which country is the most isolated in South Asia?
  37. Recently, most of the states in which two countries were plunged into darkness when electricity from the Itaipu Dam was interrupted ?
    Brazil + Paraguay
  38. Recently, Hurricane Ida killed hundreds of people and left thousands homeless in which two countries?
    Nicagua + El Salvador
  39. Recently, Navy boats from which two countries fired at each other because each thought the other was trespassing?
    North and South Korea
  40. Recently, President Obama visited which countries in Asia?
    China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan
  41. Match the language family with the country where it is dominant (Fig. 10.14, 11.23, and 12.20).
    A: Indo-European
    B: Dravidian
    C: Altaic
    D: Sino-Tibetan
    E: none of the above
    • A: Afganistan, Tajikastan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka
    • B: NONE
    • C: all STANS , Mongolia, (not Pakistan)
    • D: China, Bhutan
    • E: Japan, N and S Korea
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