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  1. they were supported by many irish americans
    central powers
  2. this believed that american industrial support of the allies was agaisnt our stand of neutraility
    convoy system
  3. cable from the german ambassader offering an alliance with mexico
    zimmerman note
  4. response to lack of interest among american men to join military
    selective service act
  5. they were blocked from joining marines
  6. he led the first US troops to land in france in 1917
    gen. john pershing
  7. he protected merchant vesseels transporting war material and personnel
    william bryan
  8. he headed the food administration
    herbert hoover
  9. he headed the railraod administration
    harry garfield
  10. he headed the fuel administration
    william mcadoo
  11. central powers included;
    • -austria hungary
    • -bulgaria
    • -germany
    • -ottoman empire
  12. he was a famous central power pilot who is credit in shooting down 80 enemy aircrafts
    baron manfred von richthofen
  13. the 1st real threat to US neutrality
    sinking of lusitania
  14. 1 way the gov successfully raised money for war was thru the sale of
    liberty bonds
  15. this board established to coordinate work of all other gov. wartime boards
    war industries board
  16. 19th amendment -
    gave women right to vote
  17. resonse to job opportunities for blacks
    great migration
  18. americans felt that the _____ acts violated 1st amendment
    -espionage and sedition acts
  19. nickname of WWI
    great war
  20. famous WWI song
    over there
  21. the big 4 countries after WWI
    • -italy
    • -us
    • -france
    • -GB
  22. what treaty ended WWI
    treaty of versailles
  23. wilson's plan to elimiate causes of future wars
    14 points
  24. belshovik means
  25. the big ditch
    panama canal
  26. who wrote the jungle
    upton sinclair
  27. 18th amendment
  28. model t car:
  29. anti-semitic
    against jews and blamed war on them
  30. illegal bars
  31. policemen who forced prohibtion
    izzy n moe
  32. 21st amendment
    prohibition repealed
  33. founder of modern jazz
    louis armstrong
  34. louis armstrong's nickname;
  35. america's sweetheart
    mary pickford
  36. crime of the century
    lindy kidnapping
  37. manassa mauler
    jack dempey
  38. galloping ghost
    harod red range
  39. great depression president
    herbert hoover
  40. great depression dates from
  41. 5 causes of great depression
    • -banking crisis
    • -business cycle
    • -consumer debt
    • -income gap
    • -global depression
  42. deprssion novel
    the grapes of wrath
  43. italian leader/dictator
    benito mussolini
  44. facism;
    single leader dictatorship
  45. spanish dictator
    francisco franco
  46. soviet union leader
    joseph stalin
  47. japan dictator
    hideko tojo
  48. nazi party symbol
  49. hitler becomes chancellor in
  50. nazi street police directed by
    heinrick himmler
  51. sterializing camp for girls
  52. jesse owens
    black track star won 4 gold medals
  53. lighting war
  54. start of ww 2
    sept. 1 1939, battle of poland
  55. BR leader who is prime minister
    winston churchill
  56. hitlers 3 mistakes:
    • -gave up on land invasions
    • -not sending supplies
    • -he was sleeping
  57. pearl harbor bombed on
  58. who planned pearl harbor
    admiral yamamoto
  59. famous japanese plane
  60. tora tora tora
    tiger tiger tiger
  61. jimmy doolittle
    pilot in US army
  62. enigma -
  63. russian sniper
    vassili zaitsev
  64. the big 3 key ppl in WWII who plan attack of france
    • -fdr
    • -stalin
    • -churchill
  65. 5 normandy landings
    • -sword
    • -juno
    • -gold
    • -utah
    • -omaha
  66. plane to 1st make 25 missions successfully
    memphis belle
  67. FDR dies;
    • =georgia resort
    • - in arms of mistress lucy rutherford
  68. who takes office after FDR
    harry truman
  69. hitler marries
    eva braum
  70. 5 presidents who have been under tecumseh's curse
    • -wiliam harrison
    • -lincoln
    • -garfield
    • -mckinley
    • -harvey
  71. 1st to die in office
  72. 1st assassinated president
  73. 2nd assasianted president
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