1. Created the Cotton Gin and Interchangable Parts
    Eli Whitney
  2. Free Blacks were the (blank) race
  3. When was and who led the two slave revolts?
    Denmark Vessey (1822) and Nat Turner (1831)
  4. Early Abolititionist movement (hint: northerners hated blacks)
    American Colinization Society (1817); Repunlic of Liberia (1822)
  5. Wrote pamphlet "Slavery as it is"
    Theodore Dwight Weld
  6. Published "The Liberator"
    William Lloyd Garrison
  7. The Goldon Trumpet of the Abolitionists
    Wendell Phillips
  8. Fought for rights for blacks AND women
    Sojourner Truth
  9. Greatest Abolitionsit of all; wrote own narrative/biography
    Frederick Douglass
  10. Became an Abolitionist matyr in 1837
    Elijah P. Lovejoy (four printing presses destroyed)
  11. Who came after William H. Harrison?
    John Tyler
  12. Tylers Signed a Tariff which lowered them to levels of...
  13. What ship was set on fire by the British (what year?)
    Caroline (1837)
  14. What was the ship called that the British freed?
    Creole (1841)
  15. Who was sent to negotiate a treaty with the U.S. regarding the Maine border?
    Lord Ashburton
  16. What was the treaty called?
    Asburton-Webster Treaty
  17. What war was started between the Canadians and the English?
    Aroostook War
  18. What was also given to the Americans in the Ashburton-Webster Treaty?
    Mesabi Iron
  19. British claim to Oregon
    Hudson's Bay Company
  20. America's Claim to Oregan
    Cpt. Robert Gray, Oregon Trail
  21. Polk's Tariff
    Walker's Tariff of 1846; more government revenue followed
  22. Where Oregon's border fell upon
    49th parallel
  23. Two rivers which Mexico and US argued Texas's border
    Nueces and Rio Grande
  24. Who did Polk send?
  25. Three Generals of Mexian War
    • Stephen W. Kearny (California)
    • Zachary Taylor (Buena Vista)
    • Winfield Scott
  26. Person who Polk sent to negotiate treaty
    Nicholas Trist
  27. Nicholas Trist Actions
    First, paid $10,000 in bribes to Santa Anna but then made a treaty
  28. What was the treaty that eneded the war and describe it
    Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo; $15 million for all of Texas to California
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