history chpt 6

  1. mesoamerica
    name for the cultural region that includes mexico and central america
  2. maize
    name native americans gave to corn
  3. olmec
    many consider this early american civiliation the "mother culture" of mesoamerica
  4. stela
    the maya sculpted these tall stone monuments of nobles, rulers, and warriors
  5. pyramids of sun and moon
    the aztec city of teotihuacan was the home of these two magnificent pyramids
  6. mexico city
    the aztec capital, tenochtitlan, is the foundation of this modern day city
  7. chinampas
    on these floating gardens, the aztecs raised maize, squash, and beans
  8. tribute
    payment from conquered peoples
  9. aztec
    huitzilopochtli was the patron god of this empire
  10. quetzalcoatl
    feathered serpent of earth & water
  11. tlaloc
    rain god of aztec
  12. chavin
    this was the earliest of the andean cultures whose religion unified much of peru
  13. adobe
    a mixture of clay and plant fibers
  14. moche
    these residents of the north coast of peru built the largest adobe structure in the americas
  15. geoglyph
    figure or line made on earth's surface by clearing away rocks and soil
  16. nazca
    these people were famous for etching geoglyphs in the desert
  17. pachacuti
    this skilled andean warrior and leader proclaimed himself sapa inca
  18. cuzco
    the capital of the incan empire
  19. quipu
    a collection of colored strings that were knotted in different ways to represent various numbers
  20. network
    a widely distributed group of things that work together as a unit or system
  21. allyu
    inca word for "village"
  22. inti
    the name of the incan sun god
  23. chosen women
    the special female attendants of inti
  24. hohokam
    they built a complex irrigation system that included numerous canals and were called the "vanished ones" by their descendants
  25. ana sazi
    using had cut stone blocks they constucted housing complexes on cliffs along the sides of sheer canyon walls
  26. mesa verde
    this massive cliff dwelling located in colorado includes more than 200 rooms
  27. pueblo
    spanish name for the anasazi communities of multi story houses
  28. pueblo bonito
    this magnificent anasazi pueblo is located in new mexico and includes 800 rooms
  29. kiva
    anasazi name for the large underground chamber used for religious ceremonies and political meetings
  30. earthworks
    the adena and hopewell people of the northeast built these giant piles of earth that were oval, cone shaped, or formed into animal shapes
  31. cahokia
    this great mississippian center in illinois housed as many as 20,000 people by 1100 AD
  32. potlatch
    the wealthiest and highest ranking members of the tribe were expected to distribute lavish gifts in this NW coast native american ceremony
  33. inuit
    they were also known as the eskimo
  34. iroquois league
    this native american alliance was also known as the five nations
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