Polish Plane Crash

  1. Intro
    Good Morning. Today I am going to talk about the polish plane crash which occurred on the 10th of April.
  2. Why this topic?
    • I chose this topic as I few that it is a very interesting and is a unique incident with not much publicity.
    • It also has a few ironies with it.
  3. Details PT 1
    On the 10th of April, the crash of an aging Russian airliner ravaged the top levels of Russian military, political and church elite.
  4. Details Pt 2
    These important personals were supposed to arrive at the Katyn Forest where 22,000 Polish Officers were killed by the Soviet Union Police in one of its greatest national Trauma.
  5. Details Part 3
    • However, due to an unexpected turbulence, the airliner crashed, not one survived.
    • It is also suspected that it was a mistake by the pilot which resulted in the crash.
    • However, a resulting factor also include the foggy weather at that point of time.
  6. Details Pt 4
    • It was the grieving day for polish citizens where the highest ranking military officers, most respected church figures and their well-loved
    • president and first lady died.
  7. Irony 1
    • This is ironic in the sense that these people planned to commemorate the death of the polish officers by paying respect to them at their burial but in the sudden turn of events,
    • 96 passengers in the plane heading there were killed.
  8. Details 1
    Out of 96 pessengers more than 50 of them belongs the elite of Poland.

    This whole saga is also known as Katyn 2, suggesting that the death of the polish citizens as a sequel to the mass massacre in 1940.
  9. Plane
    • The plane was an old soviet crush designed in the mid 1960s.
    • Polish officials have repeatedly called for the replacement of old fleets.
    • Former prime minister, Leszek Miller, himself a survivor of a helicopter crash 7 years ago told the media that he had long predicted such disasters.
  10. Criticism
    • I cannot help but to criticize Poland on its inefficiency on this disaster.
    • The Former Prime Minister claimed to have predicted such an event, but, why didn’t he do anything about it?

    How did he have the cheek to say that he predicted the disaster?
  11. Irony 2
    • For the second irony, I would like to title it ‘ Taste your own fists’.
    • As the casualties of these event were the leadership of Poland.
    • The irony lies in the fact that it is the people with who died were of leadership positions who are also able to change things.
    • Metaphorically speaking, they fell into a hole they had always passed, but did not bother to mend.
  12. Curse?
    Many suggested that the place is cursed with many deaths.
  13. Interpretation
    However, I interpret this as the desires of the dead who were once loyal polish citizens. Basically, I feel that they want a lesson to be learnt.
  14. Lesson
    • Whether it is due to the curse, turbulence or intentional assassination, we will never know.
    • However, from this incident, I hope that the deaths of this highly regarded people will not go to waste.

    • While understanding this event, I do have many questions.
    • Why have all of them in one plane? Could it have attracted attention, leading to the intentional plane crash.
    • Or could the plane have been tempered with by enemies?
    • Why of all planes, a 50 year old plane was chosen involving the important figures of Poland?
  15. Sympathy
    • Since my encounter with this piece of news, I always asked myself
    • “what will they do now? “
  16. Hope
    I hope the death of the bishops, priests, ministers, military officers, president, his twin and his wife will be a blessing in disguise and may no similar disasters occur again.
  17. End
    Ending off, this disaster will be a test of Poland’s resilience and unity with 10% of its Political Elite in the causalities page of the Warsaw Voice.
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