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  1. Remote Access Authentication- PAP
    Rarely used, Primarily because passwords are sent in clear text.
  2. Remote Access Authentication- CHAP
    Uses challenge response authentication process
  3. Remote Access Authenticatio- MS-CHAP and MS-CHAPv2
    • Microsoft improvement over CHAP.
    • CHAPv2 provides mutual authentication
  4. Remote Access Authenticatio- RADIUS
    • Provides central authentication for multiple remote access services.
    • RADIUS uses UDP and only Encrypts the password during the authentication process.
  5. Remote Access Authentication-TACACS / XTACACS
    • Two legacy protocols that are rarely used anymore. TACACS is generic, defined by RFC 1492, and uses UDP port 49.
    • XTACACS is a Cisco systems proprietary improvement over TACACS
  6. Remote Access Authentication- TACACS+
    • Used by some Cisco and UNIX remote access systems as an alernative to RADIUS.
    • TACACS+ uses TCP, encrypts the entire authentication process, and supports multiple challenge and responces.
    • TACACS+ uses TCP port 49.
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