WWII Conferences

  1. *Hitler wants to annex German region of Czech., Sudetenland; opposed by Benes;
    *Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain, Dadalier
    *Godesberg proposal - gives control of Sudetenland and rest of Czech. to Germany
    *"peace in our time" and appeasement
    Munich Conference (Sep. 1938)
  2. *Codenamed RIVIERA
    *Churchill and FDR
    *HMS Prince of Wales, USS Augusta
    *Common vision for post-WWII world
    *Document named by the Daily Herald
    *“no territorial gains”, “freedom from want and fear”, “self-determination”, “lowering of trade barriers”
    Atlantic Conference (Aug. 1941)
  3. *Codenamed SYMBOL
    *Anfa Hotel
    *FDR, Churchill, De Gaulle
    *Allied strategy for war in Europe
    *Stalin couldn't attend b/c Siege of Stalingrad
    *Demand unconditional surrender, Operation Husky (Sicily)
    Casablanca Conference (Jan. 1943)
  4. *Codenamed SEXTANT
    *FDR, Churchill, Chiang Kai-shek
    *Japan and post-war Asia
    *Stalin refused to attend b/c of China
    *Namesake declaration called for Japan to lose all gains since 1914 and eventual independence for Korea
    Cairo Conference (Nov. 1943)
  5. *Codenamed EUREKA
    *Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. 2 days after Cairo
    *Final Allied strategy against Germany
    *Operation Overlord (D-Day) planned
    *USSR agrees to attack Japan after Germany falls
    *Turkey encouraged to join Allies
    *"Big Three" agree to principle of "united nations"
    Tehran Conference (Nov. 1943)
  6. *Mt. Washington Hotel, NH
    *All 44 Allies meet to discuss economic landscape
    *Currency exchange rates
    *Established IMF, World Bank, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GAAT)
    *Keynes represented Britain
    Bretton Woods (July 1944)
  7. *Georgetown, Washington, DC
    *Discussed formation of UN and UN Security Council
    *American delegation led by Stettinius
    *Discussions continued at Yalta and San Francisco
    Dumbarton Oaks (Aug. 1944)
  8. *Codenamed ARGONAUT
    *Livadia Palace on Black Sea
    *FDR, Churchill, Stalin meet to discuss reorganization of Europe
    *Partitioning of Germany and Berlin into 4 zones
    *Poland recognized under directive of USSR; USSR would take some Polish territory, which would be regained from Germany
    *Stalin agrees to declare war on Japan 90 days after defeat of Germany
    Yalta (Feb. 1945)
  9. *Cecilienhof Palace
    *Truman, Churchill, Stalin meet to discuss punishment of Nazi officials and war against Japan
    *Churchill replaced by Atlee
    *Germany had fallen, FDR had died, Stalin had E. Europe
    *Unconditional surrender of Japan and Nuremburg trials
    *"Powerful new weapon" used 1 mo. later
    *Precursor to Cold War
    Potsdam (July 1945)
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