Biology Revision

  1. What is grey matter?
    The middle part o f the spinal chord with nerve cell bodies that make it grey
  2. What is pollination
    The process whereby the pollen from the anther moves to the stigma.
  3. The heart's blood vessels left to right
    Vena Cava, Pulmonary artery, Aorta, Pulmonary vein
  4. What is White matter?
    The outer part of the spinal chord containing axons myelin sheaths.
  5. What is an ecosystem?
    a distincet self - supporting system of organismss interacting with each other and with a physical environment.
  6. What is a habitat?
    Paaces where specific organisms live.
  7. What is the population?
    The organisms of a particular species found at any one time in an ecosystem
  8. What is teh community?
    THe population of all the species found in a particular ecostysem at any one time.
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