Science - Energy

  1. What is energy?
    This is the ability to do work or move something
  2. What unit is used to measure energy?
    Joule (J)
  3. List the different types of energy
    • Potential Energy
    • Magnetic Energy
    • Sound Energy
    • Kinetic Energy
    • Chemical Energy
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Heat Energy
    • Light Energy
    • Electrical Energy
  4. What is heat energy?
    This is a form of energy that causes the temperature to rise when it is added
  5. What is light energy?
    This is a form of energy that travels in waves and is used to allow us to see things
  6. What is electrical energy?
    This is the energy carried by electric currents
  7. What is sound energy?
    This is caused by vibrations that pass through the air to you ear which allows us to hear
  8. What is chemical energy?
    This is the energy stored in the bonds between atoms

    This is stored in oil, gas and food
  9. What is potential energy?
    This is the stored energy just waiting to do work eg. water at the top of a waterfall
  10. What is kinetic energy?
    This is the energy of a moving object
  11. What is the conservation of energy?
    This states that energy cannot be made or lost but it can change from one form to another
  12. State examples of energy changes that occur in every day life
    An electric kettle changes electrical energy into heat energy

    An electric bulb changes electrical energy into light energy

    A fire changes chemical energy into heat energy
  13. Explain renewable energy
    This is energy that can be used over and over again
  14. Give examples of renewable energy
    • Wind
    • Solar
    • Tidal
    • Wave
    • Hydro
  15. Explain non-renewable energy
    This is energy that cannot be used over and over again
  16. Give examples of non-renewable energy
    • Coal
    • Oil
    • Turf
    • Gas
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